911 Operator Apk Download For Android [Latest 2022]

Do you like to play simulation games? If yes, would you like to play a game where you are the first responder to an emergency situation? If your answer to that too is ‘Yes’ from you, this game 911 Operator Apk is for you.

It must be an eerie feeling to be in a chair connecting to people over the call, who might be in distress. How to handle such a situation might even unsettle the most confident people at first. Are you ready for the test?

Check that out. We have provided the 911 Call Operator free download for Android mobile phones and tablets. Here is your chance to evaluate yourself by playing the RPG Game.

What is 911 Operator Apk?

This is an amazing simulation game. You are an operator here. Your responsibility is to be a dutiful emergency dispatcher for the law enforcement agency. Don’t take it lightly because lives depend on your actions.

The app teaches you how to be alert, you will learn how to act on your foot, as you have to rapidly deal with incoming calls. By sitting on that chair, you are not just a games operators picking up calls and saying “911, what is your emergency?”

Here you must be ready to act according to the situation. Sometimes you might have to act as a paramedic, giving first aid instructions.

In another situation, you might have to act as a police officer, a firefighter, a consoler, or an engager until the help arrives at the spot. You are responsible for handling the situation until the filed team takes over.

You can be an armchair soldier, a miner, or a fighter jet pilot in other games. But this awesome game takes you close to a real-life situation that is not possible while playing any other game.

Once you download the 911 Operator Apk, go through all the cities in the world, which are available to choose from. The free game lets you choose a single city to play the game.

Once you select it, the game will automatically download all the real maps of that city. This includes real streets, addresses, and emergency infrastructure in the city.

You can try career mode as well. Here, six cities with unique events are waiting for your services. Save the American capital from a terrorist attack or escape a life-threatening earthquake in San Francisco, and respond to emergencies.

Once you take the seat police officers, fire department personnel, and Paramedic units are at your disposal to dispatch to anywhere in the city. These units include different personnel with varying abilities.

You can dole out vehicles ranging from common ambulances to police helicopters; essential equipment such as first aid kits, bulletproof jackets, and technical tools; 

The person on the other side of the line could be anyone. Maybe a little child asking for help, a passenger from a wrecked vehicle, a bank accountant facing a heist, a helpless woman on street, an unpredictable terrorist in a public place, Dying Daughter’s Father or just a prankster from his/her room.

Apk Details

Name911 Operator
Size75.48 MB
DeveloperGames Operators S.A.
Package Namecom.jutsugames.operator911
PriceFree and 14.99 USD
Required Android4.1 and Up
CategoryGames Simulation

Are you ready to handle all this?

The game comes with amazing features, but to get most of it you have to pay a subscription charge, while the free game of 911 Operator app gives you limited options in the gameplay.

Features of 911 Operator Apk

This exciting simulation videogame, 911 Operator Apk, has some of the best features that you can expect from a game with such a real-life plot. Some of these are summed up for you below.

  • More than fifty recorded dialogues between an operator and people inspired by real people. These include serious and dramatic on one hand and funny and annoying on the other. Brace yourself for unexpected surprises.
  • First-aid instructions that are real. While playing the game you are going to learn many real-life skills.
  • Select a city out of hundreds from anywhere in the world. All geographical locations are included here.
  • Six pre-selected cities with unique emergency situations in career mode. This section has special calls and events for you to handle.
  • 911 Operator Apk will give you access to a whooping one-hundred-forty different incoming reports to handle.
  • Twelve different emergency vehicles ranging from motorcycles, cars, ambulances to helicopters.
  • To play the game, internet connection is required.
  • The game can be played offline once the maps are downloaded onto your Android smartphone or tablet.

These are just the highlights of what you can do and what is at your disposal to use and handle the crisis situations. The actual thrill is to be in the game in real-time and engage with people to learn and enjoy at the same time.

ScreenShots of the Game

How to Download the 911 Operator Apk App?

The 911 Operator Apk can be downloaded from our website for free. The instructions for downloading and installing the game are described below.

  • Tap/Click on the download button (this will initiate the download automatically).
  • Tap/Click on the Apk file that is now on your Android device storage
  • Tap on the app and enable the Unknown Sources option from the security settings, if it is not already
  • Tap next to install Apk on your device.

With the game icon on your screen, you are ready to enjoy the game. You can get the Apk by tapping or clicking on the download button given below. Good luck with your first emergency call.


The 911 Operator Apk is an amazing simulation game for Android-run gadgets. This is one of the few games available that teach us many social and personal skills while playing.

With multiple options, here you are a first responder to emergency calls. You are now responsible for handling the situation on the call and react appropriately to personnel to the field.

  1. Are We Providing 911 Operator Mod Apk?

    No, we are providing here the official version of the gaming app.

  2. Is It Safe To Install The Apk?

    Yes, the gaming app we are providing here is purely stable to install and play.

  3. Does Game Require Registration?

    No, the gameplay never requires registration or subscription to play.

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