AK Lite Virtual APK Download APK [PUBG Virtual]

Virtual Apps are virtually everywhere. AK Lite Virtual app has something that makes it an exclusive material in this long unending list. If you want to get the latest and free version, you are at the right spot.

Clone apps or virtual applications are developed to protect phone users. Especially, from the detection by gaming platforms including PUBG when hacking tools or cheat injectors are used. Cloning or virtual mobile is a process of getting multiple identities or IMEI numbers for a given device.

Here we will give you such an application. You can download it for free. Use it on your Android run mobile phone or tablet. You will get the same result. Protect yourself while making any illegal moves.

What is AK Lite Virtual?

It is a device cloning APK. That is it makes your mobile phone or tablet a double identity device. One the original and the second an arbitrary random identity. This second ID can be used to apply hacking and cheats on gaming platforms such as PUBG for mobiles.

If you have installed a hacking application on your phone to get an upper hand over your opponents. There is a probability of you getting detected. Once you come under the radar of the platform while employing cheats in the gameplay. Then what?

Then it is obvious. It is game over for you. That too for good. It means you get banished from the platform forever. By using that same mobile phone, you will never be able to play that game again.

Thus it is very essential to be proactive and protect your original identity. Deployment of hacks on any game gives you an unfair advantage on others. This practice is strongly discouraged by the videogame making authorities and companies.

To deter such action, there are severe penalties on the users, getting banned forever is one of the worst. That means loss of all your purchases if any, and all that list of tools and equipment and the levels you have reached with hard work. All gone in a single jiffy.

To avoid that you must use apps like AK Lite Virtual. If you are asking why? This is because no matter how clever the hacking tools are in dodging the game scanners. The latest and new updates on the gaming platforms mean stronger catching capabilities for the detectors.

So new updates mean weaker dodging features of the cheat tools. So if you have deployed a cloning application and you are using cheat tools on it. That means in case of detection it is your guest account that gets banned.

Your original is still safe, and you can use it whenever you want, wherever you want. They actually create a copy of your ID, which is different from the original one. This means on one smartphone you can have two IDs. You can use this cloned ID to do whatever you want.

APK Details

NameAK Lite Virtual
Size15.15 MB
Package Namecom.tencent.iglite.ak
Required Android4.4 and Above

How does the AK Lite Virtual APK work?

The app creates virtual space on your Android run device. That means you can run any application with a new identity. For that to happen, all you need is this very app on your mobile.

Another thing worth mentioning here is the fact that this cloning application is not just for playing PUBG. But you can deploy it to clone multiple applications. This includes games, communication, and social media apps to create new accounts.

On the one hand. It provides safety to your original identity. While, on the other hand, it is the form of another smartphone on your tangible handheld one. Double benefits in a single application. Where can you get that?

How to Use the App?

 AK Lite Virtual is an easy to use application. If you are not sure and are new to the world of cloning apps. Don’t’ worry. Just by going through the following paragraph, you will be a pro in the use of such platforms.

We assume that you have downloaded and installed the app using the steps mentioned under the previous headings. If you have, then just locate the app icon on your gadget and tap on it to explore the interface.

Now on the simple interface, you will see a button titled ‘ADD’ with the featured games and local games just below it. Now tap the add option and load the app of your desire, which also includes PUBGM, to the interface.

As a next step, add the hacking tool that you want to use here. Tap it to open. Once it is up and running you can open the PUBG for mobile and enjoy all the hacks in the list. You can repeat the same process for any application of your choice.

How to Download AK Lite Virtual APK?

At the bottom of this article, we have provided you the download link to the APK file. Tap or click on the download button to get your copy of the file. This will start the process of downloading. Once the file is on your device storage directory, tap the file to install, from the security settings allow unknown sources option, if it is disabled.

Then tap a few more times to find the virtual application on your screen. Once done, tap it to open and follow the steps given in the next paragraph.

However, it is essential to tell you here that this app is neither supported by the individual cloned app makers or by us. It is your choice to use it and we will accept no responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur from the failure of this application.

We hope you understand the risks associated with the use of AK Lite Virtual APK and applications similar to it.

App Screenshots

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AK Lite Virtual is a cloning application for Android run mobile phones and tablets. It creates an additional identity of your gadget, which you can use to perform various activities including playing games or creating social media accounts to name a few. You can have it by pressing the link for download given below.

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