InnerSloth Introduced: Among Us Chat System: Reachable In Coming Days

When we search and analyze different reports we found Among Us the most played and liked action worldwide. Though gaming platform was built in 2018. But it was successful in getting popularity in 2020. Recently a new feature was introduced called New Account & Among Us Chat System.

Over time, developers introduced different features and even some of the key features are removed. The key features that are removed over time are maps and animations. Thus a new amazing feature was added inside the gaming application.

Most of the gamers aren’t familiar with the new addition. And most of the gamers ask this question that why the developers added this advanced chat system. Remember Innersloth has made positive changes over time.

Among Us Added Quickchat

The most amazing addition they did inside game was an advanced audio chat system with a private chat option. Though till the previous date, the integrated audio plus chat system worked smoothly. But when the developers realize that the private chatting option is very difficult.

Even while playing the game, those who prefer chatbox. Aren’t able to commute properly due because of the language gap. Plus it consumes more time in composing a single sentence as compared to audio chat. The developers realized gamers aren’t comfortable with audio.

Moreover when we analyze the online reachable data. Then we found most of the gamers don’t have access to faster internet. And due to slow internet connectivity, they are unable to use audio feature for communication.

Thus considering all these hurdles and communication problems. The developers added this new amazing quick chat system inside game. Where gamers have direct to floating chatbox with predesigned different words and sentences.

What is Among US Chat System?

Recently the Innersloth has officially announced that they are planning to add different key features. Inside existing gameplay instead of launching a new version. The new addition includes Maps, Skins, Characters, New Account and Chat System.

Thus previously the experts already added an advanced audio chatting option with a private chatbox. But over time, gamers are looking for a smart chatting option. Where the participants don’t have to write the whole description for better understanding.

Hence focusing the recommendation and gamers concern. The developers specially added this chatting system inside gaming application. Now using the floating chatbox, the gamers can easily send plus commute without writing a whole description.

All they need to do is just launch the chat system, then select any reachable option. And send different text words and messages over a single click instead of writing whole sentences. The developers are planning to add a voice recognition system inside.

Though it is a long and difficult process but still the experts are planning to introduce this new option. Just like this feature, Innersloth is trying its best to make this gaming app more secure and user friendly. If you are playing the game been waiting for this option then now it is reachable.

How To Download The Gaming App

Remember to avail this Chatting System, the android users have to download the updated version of gaming application first. To download the latest version of gaming applications. The android users can trust on our website.

Even the updated version of the gaming application is reachable inside Google Play Store. Just download the updated version of gaming App from there. And enjoy the ultimate features including the advanced Chatting System.

How To Install Chat System

Remember the chat system cannot be import or integrate manually. The only thing they can do is just install the latest version of gaming application it will automatically reachable. To use inside the gaming platform without any integration.

  • First download the updated version of Apk.
  • Then initiate the installation process.
  • Don’t forget to allow unknown sources.
  • Once the installation completes.
  • Go to mobile menu and launch the game.
  • The chat system will be there to use.


If you count yourself among those who don’t feel comfortable chatting live. Or seems difficult to write long sentences while play Among Us. Then don’t worry because now this advanced Among Us Chat System option is reachable. Where the gamer can easily commute with other players using a single operation.

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