Android Windows 7 Apk Download for Android [Win 7 Launcher]

Android Windows 7 Apk is for those who are missing their computer and laptop and want their Android mobile phones and tablets to look like their old computer.

Growing up using Microsoft Windows operating system on our bulky computers and laptops is one of the memories we relish the most, and if you still want to feel that interface, it is still doable.

All you need to do is to download the Apk file from our website in this post, install it on your phone or device and experience those lovely old times of Windows 7, today, now, on your mobile phone screen.

What is Android Windows 7 Apk?

It is basically a launcher for Android run mobile phones that converts the gadget to an interface that totally resembles your computer from the past.

The change is not just skin deep, you will see all the features like themes, icons, wallpaper as if coming from your laptop. Even with a start-up menu and my computer icon with categories of local discs on the mobile, it won’t be possible to distinguish between your desktop and smartphone screen.

The application is made for Microsoft Windows fans who want to see their mobile phone interface just like that of the personal computer.

The best thing about this launcher application is that it gives you windows like experience on your mobile for free of cost, while you need to buy it for your personal computer and laptops.

The app, by default, comes with totally free features and amazing tools. You get all the premium-like applications on the launcher for free, once it is downloaded to your smartphone.

The downside of launchers made for android phones is that they consume a lot of space, are clumsy to use, slow down the phone, and occupy a bulk of temporary memory on the device. With the Android Windows 7 app, you don’t have to worry about all these.

The application is optimized for speed, ease of use, and a simple interface that consumes a small memory part.

Moreover, if you get bored with the default 7 theme, which the launcher sets up for you by default, there are plenty more. Go to the theme option and check out others on the list, which include Win 7, XP, Vista, and Android.

You will find that your handset has become a computer in the function and style with the installation of this application.

Apk Details

NameAndroid Windows 7
Size7.53 MB
DeveloperMobile Window
Package Namecom.mobilewindow
Required Android2.2 and Up

Features of Android Windows 7 App

All the features available on this app are made to give you a PC-like feel on your smartphone. Thus the features include a lot of room for customization just like the original from the makers i.e. Microsoft.

All these features cost you nothing and they come along with the launcher, which means you don’t have to download additional files to make changes.

Some of the noticeable features of this app are:

  • lightweight and does not require a lot of space
  • Extensive customization options include the ability to change wallpapers, themes, and icons, etc.
  • Multiple themes in the single launcher, such as XP, Vista, Android.
  • Want to unlock your phone, do it windows style, just when it goes to sleep mode.
  • To get access to all your data and apps, you have to go to the start menu as usual.
  • A control panel to customize all your settings.
  • Plenty of wallpapers to choose from.
  • Options to cut, copy, and paste your data on your phone
  • Clocks, calendars, and other widgets to add and customize

These and many more features that you enjoyed on your phone await you on the Android Windows Launcher. Download it to unlock unlimited features.

How to Download and Install Android Windows 7 Apk

The Windows 7 Launcher Apk can be downloaded from the link given at the bottom of this article. Just find the download button and click on it to initiate the download.

Once the file is saved on your phone, perform the following steps:

  • Go to File Manager on your mobile phone
  • Find the Downloads folder
  • Locate the launcher file
  • Tap on the file to allow installation from unknown devices.
  • Tap again to complete the process.

Now you can find the Android Windows 7 Apk launcher on your phone screen. Here you can activate it to give your phone the look that you are too familiar with.

Final Words

Android Windows Apk is a mobile launcher made to turn your device’s interface into that of your computer. It gives the Microsoft’s flagship operating system to your smartphone.

With a light, easy-to-use, and familiar interface, this one launcher comes with immense customization options, from themes to wallpaper and much more.

An amazing app for handsets and tablets, you can get it for free. Just find the download button and get your copy to experience the Windows computer in your hand.

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