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In today’s article, we are going to discuss and review an app that is used to watch Anime on android mobile phones or smartphones and tablets.

Furthermore, you will be going to download its latest updated Apk file that is recently published by the developers in 2019. So, the application about which I am talking here is “Anime freak” TV.

About Anime Freak

If you want to watch any kind of anime episodes on your mobile phone then this application is just made for you guys.

However, there are also some complaints from the users who are continuously complaining that the application is not working. This kind of errors and bugs are creating some sort of doubt on the app whether it is fake or real.

Therefore, in this article, I will also share some of the basic solutions for those errors which will probably be going to work for you guys. But I just want to make it clear that there is no guarantee whether those solutions will work for you or not.

However, the Animania is working properly on most of the android devices and they are enjoying their favourite series.

Before going to get the application I just want to share what Anime freak TV Apk has got for you guys so it will make it easy for you to decide whether you should download it or not.

Details of APK

NameAnime Freak (Animania)
Size21.45 MB
Package Namecom.anime.freak
Required Android4.3 and Up

Beautiful Categorization  

The best thing about any application that provides you such content must have the better categorization so anyone can easily get to his/her choices. That is why by considering this sought of thing developers have provided various kind of categories in the app.

Therefore, you can easily get what you want with just a single tap or click. Now let’s see what kind of categories are there in the application and what are those about.

Latest Episodes

This is the first category in the application that allows you to watch the recently released anime stories or episodes.

Latest Anime

Actually, this one is a little bit broader category of Freakanime (2019) latest version as compare to the previous one. In this part, you can find any kind of latest anime series, episodes, which is covering almost all the adult, family as well as kids’ content.


This part provides you with the further categorizations of the anime content wherein you can select chose any kind of genre to watch according to your mood.

For example, you can watch school anime, action-based, adventure-based, martial arts, romance, adult, kids, horror, sports and much more. Basically, there are almost 10 to 15 further genres in the application that you can enjoy on your android phones.

Ongoing Anime

This option provides you such anime content which is available in series or still in making.

Anime list

My favourite There is a huge list available in the app that you can stream via your android smartphones and tablets. Such as Attack on Titan, Shingeki no Kyojin, Kimi Ni Todoke Episode 1 English dub anime and much more.

My Favourite

Basically, it is the list of those anime that you have made them or marked them a favourite to watch later or again.


It is not a category basically because this portion only contains the history of watch and search only. So, you can remove or clear the history from the settings.

If you want to customize the settings or go to any specific category then you can just tap/click on the lines available at top left corner.

Is Anime freak.TV Safe?

Most of the android users asked this question whether the Anime freak.TV Apk safe or not? Here I want to answer this question to clarify the doubts of such android users.

Basically, it is an application that possesses multiple types of video content that may have some negative as well as positive effects on specific users.

For example, there on Animania you can find violent anime content that can put a bad impact on kids if they are using it without any elder.

Therefore, I must say that this is not safe for the kids if they are using it alone without any elder’s presence while streaming. Although it possesses the kid’s anime too there is no filter that you can put on to avoid the adult or violent content.

Secondly, this application also provides adult anime videos and ads which is obviously not appropriate for the under 18 age users.

However, if you are concern about any spam, malicious or viruses in the app then you don’t need to worry about because this is absolutely secure and safe for your phones.  

Anime Freak App Not Working?

The most common complaints that are registered by the users of Animefreak is that the app is not working. However, there are multiple reasons that the app is not working such are following.

  • You don’t have the latest Flash Player or Adobe Player.
  • You have not installed the Flash Player or Adobe player on your android phone.
  • Either the internet is not available or you have a slow internet connection.
  • Your phone does not support Animania.
  • The cache is not cleared for a long time.

Or there might be other reasons too. But above are the most common mistakes or loopholes to not let the app work properly.

So now follow the instruction below to make the application work on your phones.

  1. Make sure your phone supports the App.
  2. First, delete the old version of the app from your phone.
  3. Then download latest Anime Freak Apk 2019 or 2018.
  4. Install it on your phones.
  5. Clear the cache of your phone.
  6. Check the internet connection.
  7. Install a new and latest version of Flash Player or Adobe Player on your phone.
  8. Now retry to open the app.

If still, it is not working for you then there is an option to submit a report about any issue or suggestion in the settings. By using that option, you can get help from the official owners of the Animania who will further guide you.

How to Download Anime Freak Apk?

It is very simple to get the app so if you are new and you don’t know how to download the app then don’t worry. Because I have provided the step by step guide for you to make it easier.

  1. You can easily get the Anime freak Download from our website.
  2. There is a download button at the end of the article.
  3. Tap on that button.
  4. Select the destination folder to store the setup file.
  5. Now press on continue option to begin downloading.
  6. Wait for a few minutes so it will take a few minutes (depends on the speed of the internet).
  7. Now you are done.

How to Install Anime Freak Apk?

Before going to install the file make sure that you have enabled the option of ‘Unknown Sources’. To make it enable to follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Chose security option.
  3. Now checkmark or simply enable the option of ‘Unknown sources’.

Now to install the App, go back to the home screen and open the file manager tap on the Apk file you have downloaded from our website.  

Basic features

There are multiple features that you can have on your android mobile phones and other devices. which are the following?

  • You can watch your favourite anime.
  • You can have adult content or cartoon which is quite famous nowadays.
  • It is a free app that you can download from our website and there are no charges for watching anime.
  • Very unique, convenient and simple categorization.
  • Kids can also enjoy it if any elder is with them.
  • Much more.
Basic Requirements
  • It works on 4.3 and up version Android devices.
  • RAM must be 1 GB or more than that.
  • Stable and fast internet connection.
  • Your device must have flash player installed on, especially the latest version.

Now you can get the “Anime freak Download” from this website as I have shared the download button below for you guys.


Q 1. How can I watch anime on on my Android phone?

Ans. It is very simple as you can do that by Animania Download and installing it on your phones.

Q 2. What is Anime freak?tv Apk?

Ans. It is an Android application to watch any kind of anime on Android phones.

Q 3. Is Animania App safe?

Ans. I have already answered this question in every detail so you can check out the answer in the main article.

Q 4. How to use Animefreak.TV on Android?

Ans. It is very simple to use the app just to download and install the latest app from our website and search your favourite anime and tap on it to watch.

Q 5. Can we watch adult anime?

Ans. Yes, you can watch adult anime too if you are above 18 age.

Q 6. What happened to Animefreak.TV 2018?

Ans. There is nothing happened to the Anime freak 2018 because you have a new version of the app and that is released in this current year 2019.

Q 7. Is Anime freak erased?

Ans. Yes, Anime Freak Erased from Play Store or Google Play but don’t worry it is still available on its official website as well as on our website.

Q 8. Can we watch ‘Kimi Ni Todoke Anime English subbed in HD’?

Ans. Yes, you can Watch ‘Kimi Ni Todoke Anime English subbed in HD’.

Q 9. Can I watch ‘My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 1 Anime Freak’?

Ans. Yes, you can watch My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 1 Anime Freak.

Q 10. Can I get to Anime Freak TV Watch Bakemonogatari Episode 13 Online?

Ans. Yes, you can visit the official site of ‘Anime Freak TV to Watch Bakemonogatari episode 13 online.

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