Anime Injector ML Apk Download 2022 For Android [Skins]

A new modified skin injecting tool is gaining popularity among ML Gamers. Yeah, we talk talking about non-other Anime Injector ML. Installing the tool will offer unlimited Skins and Effects that are free to access and inject inside Mobile Legend Game.

Gaming applications like Mobile Legends are considered among the most liked and played game worldwide. The game players need to excel their fighting skills inside battlefield. Remember heroes and skins play a key role in defeating the enemy.

We gonna discuss the key details regarding the direct relation of Skins and Effects inside game. Most of the gamers think of participating inside game without unlocking Skins and Effects. Though fighting skills help in defeating the enemy and powerful spells including skins also help gamer defend.

Thus many gamers believe they will compete plus defeat an opponent without unlocking those Costumes and Powers. But in reality, it seems impossible to eliminate a single opponent without having those items. There are different limitations imposed over those pro items.

To unlock those elements, it requires hundreds of diamonds. This means without holding diamonds, it is not possible to unlock those items. Thus two legal options may help gamers earn diamonds.

Either participate inside gameplay regularly and try to win every match. Which is totally impossible for the ML Gamers. The other option is to invest real money and purchase those diamonds. Using different subscription plans.

In real both options consume more energy than expected. Moreover purchasing those diamonds using real money will be an expensive procedure. Thus considering the unaffordability problem, developers structured this incredible third-party Injector.

What is Anime Injector ML

Thus the application is an online third-party tool developed by an unknown developer focusing ML Gamers. The main purpose of offering this tool was to give the best alternative option. Through which the gamers can easily inject unlimited Skins and Effects for free.

If we talk about the key categories that are reachable inside game includes Skins, Background Themes and Effects. Currently, the three mentioned categories are reachable inside tool. But developers planning to add more new options.

Details of APK

NameAnime Injector ML
Size7.5 MB
Required Android4.4 and Plus
CategoryApps Tools

Plus those new features are under construction phase and may be reachable to use in the coming days. Apart from these mentioned options, developers also integrate this Anti-Ban option. Though in setting such an option may not be visible to users.

But according to information gathered from official websites. The Anti-Ban is directly embedded inside main application coding. This means as soon as the user launches tool, it will automatically enable this Anti-Ban option.

This feature will not only hide the key credentials of the device. But also avoid the negative consequences that may occur while integrating the tool. Thus you are interested and readily integrating the App inside android device then download Anime Injector Apk from this page.

Key Hacking Features of The App


TANK: Franco, Johnson, Tigreal, Khufra, Grock, Belerick, Akai, Ruby and more.

FIGHTER: Alucard, Guinevere, Chou, Silvana, Badang, Ruby and Aldous etc.

ASSASIN: Fanny, Gousion, Hayabusa, Alucard, Saber, Lesley and Selena etc.

MAGE: Selena, Gusion, Guinevere, Odette, Silvana, Gord, Harith and Kimmy etc.

MARKMAN: Lesley, Karrie, Kimmy, Layla, Claude, Bruno, Granger and Irithel etc.

SUPPORT: Kaja, Nana, Rafaela, Angela, ESTES, Carmila and Lolita etc.


ML Thema, Map Magic Ches, Analog, Border, Background, Custom Map, Intro ML and Drone Map.


Recal, Eliminasi, Spawn, Notification, Emote and Tower.


Screenshots of The App

How To Download The Apk

Out there many websites do claim to offer similar Apk files for free. But in reality, those websites are offering fake and corrupted files. So what should mobile users do in such scenario when everyone is offering false files?

If you are stuck and don’t know whom to trust must visit our website. Because we only share authentic and original Apps inside the download section. For downloading Naruto Injector please click on the below-mentioned download link button.

Is It Safe To Integrate This Tool

Remember usage of third-party tools is considered illegal. Thus developers integrate Anti-Ban option inside the tool. But still, we wanna mention that integrate it at your own risk. This means if anything goes wrong we’ll not be responsible.

This is an online ML Injecting tool that helps gamer insert different ML Skins and Effects for free. Like this app, we already shared different similar Apk files. If you are interested in installing those apps must follow the URLs. Which are NIX Injector Apk and Yomasu Patcher Apk.


Among Out there reachable Mobile Legend Injecting Tools. We recommend mobile users install Anime Injector ML inside android device. Because installing the tool will help Mobile Legend Gamers inject unlimited Skins and Background Themes for free.