What is Apple Pie Apk? (Viral App on Whatsapp)

Now a day there is an Apk file going viral on WhatsApp and people are sharing it without any knowledge. Maybe some of them know about it or some may not. If you have not received that app yet then here its name “Apple Pie”. This is an application that can be installed on your Android phones.

This application is quite dangerous for you and may harm you in a serious way. Therefore, you should not use it or install it on your phone.

The reason for sharing this article here is that I just want to make you warn about its dangerous consequences.

When for the first time I heard about this application then tried to search for it on Google. But unfortunately, I have not found the Apk but I found a video where an Indian guy has shared his experience about the app.

Before going into further details of Apple Pie App I just want to request you all that please share this information with all your friends. Because it is a serious issue that may harm your character as well as your reputation.

About Apple Pie

Apple Pie Apk is an Android package that you can install on your Android mobile phone devices. This application has gone viral through WhatsApp. Initially, it goes viral in India and someone from that country shared his bitter experience in his YouTube video.

He showed all the process practically, and the consequences were so terrifying. One can go into a coma after watching the results on that video.

How did this happen?

The guy who has gone through this Apple Pie App has shared his story in detail that how and when this happened to him. So, one day he received an Apk file on his WhatsApp account which was sent by one of his friends.

Although, he didn’t open that file and first he tried to know about that from the friend who forward that to him. But unfortunately, his friend lied to him and told him that it is a kind of application which is offering 500 MB internet Data for using it.

Therefore, in curiosity, that guy installed it on his phone and he opened that Apple Pie app right after the installation within a few seconds. When he opened it, he got an option of continuing on Screen then clicked on that continue button.

But he just got an endless and non-stop Pornographic voice on his phone. Not only but also, he was unable to stop that voice so, he just turned off his cell phone. Then went to a private place then he deleted that Apple Pie App as well as its Apk from the phone’s storage.

Should I download?

I know we all love to watch such content but of course privately. Because sometimes such content can be so much information as well, we enjoy it too.

But that does not mean that someone is using his/her phone while sitting at home with the whole family then suddenly they face such an incident.

It will be a kind of awkward and embarrassing situation for all of us because it is a private thing.

Therefore, I am not recommending this app for anyone neither I recommend you to do such a prank. Because it is not a joke even you are disrespecting and putting someone in an embarrassing situation.

It is a kind of unethical and inappropriate app that is why I am not sharing it here with you. The reason for sharing this post is to create awareness among the masses. This kind of Apk files can be more devastating for your Android phones as well as for your personal lives.