Audio Recovery Apk Download For Android [Updated 2023]

If you are in huge trouble just because of losing your important audio files from your phone. Then you have landed in the right place. Because in today’s article, I have shared and offer to download an application known as “Audio Recovery Apk” for Android mobile phones.

It is the Best Audio Recovery App for Android mobile phones that you can ever have.

This Audio Recovery Application is going a very helpful tool for Deleted Audio Recovery. It is an Apk file that you can also call it Android package that you can manually install on your phones and easily recover deleted audio files.

I have shared the Apk of the Application in this post. So, if you are interested or if you need it then you can get it from the download button given at the end of this page.

Further, I just want to make it clear that this Recover Audio App is only available and compatible with Android smartphones, tablets and Laptops.

However, I am not sure whether it is available for other Android devices or not but you can choose alternatives for that. The good news for you guys is that you can download Audio Recovery Pro Apk for free of cost and there are no charges for its usage.

About Audio Recovery Pro Apk

Audio Recovery Apk is one of the latest and fastest tools for Android smartphones that allows its users to get recover MP3, MP4, WAVE, RAW, AAC for music, voicemail, ringtones, sound bites,voice recording ect. Furthermore, it is used to restore the following audio files such as Ringtones, voicemail tunes, and many others.

This recover Audio files App is developed and offered by the Tasty Blueberry PI. They launched this product in April 2015 for Android devices only. Since then it has crossed five lack downloads in the Play Store.

However, one cannot consider it a success after watching its downloads and reviews in the official store.

But I must tell you that there are so many other third-party platforms that it is quite famous. Usually, people do not recommend Google Play to download apps, therefore, they use third-party platforms.

Audio Recovery App has the fastest recovery algorithm through which it gives you instant results. I have mentioned MP4 files in the above lines but you are not going to restore audio files. So, there are very selective MP4 format Audio files that you can restore audio if you have deleted them mistakenly.

One more thing this Audio file recovery app is offering to its users is that they can easily browse all the recovered stuff within the Application. So, you don’t need to minimize or close the App and go back to File Manager to check the stuff you have restored.

Details of APK

NameAudio Recovery
Size4.5 MB
DeveloperTasty Blueberry PI
Required Android4.2 and Up
CategoryApps Tools

How To Recover Deleted Call Recordings?

This is one of the genuine and common questions that I usually get from my visitors. That is why I have chosen this beta testing Audio Recovery Apk and the topic today to address this question.

So, there are basically uncountable ways to restore Call Recordings such as you can use the software on your PCs or Laptops to do that. But in order to restore data through PCs and laptops, you will need to connect your phones to those devices.

That is why it is quite so much complex and it takes so much time even hours to complete the process. Therefore, I have decided to find out an application for phones through which users can do that work right on their mobiles.

So, I came up with an App called Audio Recovery Pro Apk. I have not used this tool, but I have seen the reviews of the users which are positive and most of them are admiring it. That is why I have decided to share that App here so my valuable users can get help from it.

But you must keep in your mind that this is not our own product and we are just a third-party source that provides Apk files. So, the App is the official product of Tasty Blueberry PI and you can visit their site to check out more details.

Key Features of Audio Recovery Pro Apk

There are tons of features you are going to have in the Audio Recovery Pro Apk. But in order to avail of those features, you will have to download it and use it by yourself. Then you will come to know about its benefits or features. But for now, let’s have a look at the features that I have shared here below.

  • It is a free app that you can get for your phone and use without any cost.
  • It is extremely appreciated to download the latest Apk file for better performance
  • Restore all the deleted music or other audio files.
  • There are multiple formats that you can get recover.
  • It is a very lite Application that consumes less space in your phone.
  • No device root required for operation.
  • Here the App offers recovered data inside SD Card or Targated folder.
  • Hidden folders scanned so deeply by the app, that it will make sure no left overs.
  • Leave review inside feedback section.
  • It has a very simple and user-friendly interface.
  • It gives you File browser option so you don’t need to close the app as you can check out restored files within that same application.
  • And many more to avail you only need to get the Apk from here and install it.
  • Audio Files Recovered include MP3, MP4, WAVE, RAW, AAC for music, voicemail, ringtones, sound bites,voice recording ect.
  • Instructional videos are also offered inside additional information for fans.

Screenshots of the App

Screenshot of Audio Recovery Pro
Screenshot of Audio Recovery Pro Apk
Screenshot of Audio Recovery Pro App

What’s New

If you are searching for the updates then you can check out that here below. Because I have mentioned all the latest updates and changes here in this paragraph. Let’s check out those updates now.

  • Fix Bugs.
  • Here the major update inside new version includes instant recovery mode.
  • The algorithm of the Application has been improved.
  • File Browser Added.
  • Fix Bugs and Errors have been removed.
  1. Are We Providing The Best Audio Recovery Apk For Android Users?

    Yes, here we are offering one of the most trending and trustworthy Android tool. Installing the App allow users to recover endless audio files for free.

  2. Is It Safe To Install The Apk File?

    The Android app we are offering here is already been installed on multiple Android Phones. After installing the app we find it stable. Yet, we recommend Android users install and use App at their own risk.

  3. Can Android Users Download App From Google Play Store?

    The official latest version of App is accessible to download from Google Play Store. If any user is searching for the Pro Apk version, then he/she can easily download it from here with one click option.


I have tried to share the information and the reason for sharing this software here in this article. So, I hope it will work for you not then do not get angry because it is not our own product. Because we only share the Apps as a third-party source to entertain our valuable visitors.

If you need this tool for your phone then please click on below download button, get the Apk file and install it. Now you can download the latest version of Audio Recovery Pro Apk for Android.

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