AutoRoot Tools Apk Download for Android

If you have heard about Rooting then I recommend this “Autoroot Tools” application that is my favorite android root tool, which is one of the advance and auto root app. If you don’t have any idea about this process then you should learn about it first then use this application.

Because this is a very sensitive process where you can lose your whole data that is stored on your mobile phone. And there are further many important things that you have to bear in your mind while rooting.

About AutoRoot Tools

In simple words, if I explain Rooting then it is the process in which you root your Android. It allows you to get access to all the features of your phone.

Actually Google does not allow you to get access to some of the key features that might be used for illegal purposes or usage of such features that may violate Google’s rules and regulations.

Therefore, when you root your device then you can download restricted apps that need rooted android. Furthermore, it is not illegal however, it has some side effects like your device may be attacked by malicious viruses or hackers.

And Hackers can easily get access to your smartphone. I am not recommending anyone to Root their Android because this app is only developed for professional Android developers and other IT professionals.

As I have mentioned that Autoroot tools Apk is an advanced android root tool and it roots your device automatically. But, when we go a few years back then there was no such tool for users usually they use their PCs to perform such operations.

That is why Rooting Android was one of the most difficult tasks to perform and usually, professionals were able to do such operations.

But, now including Autoroot tools, there are tons of rooting applications that are available on unofficial App Stores. As I said previously these apps are not available on Play Store so users can get Autoroot Tools Apk from our site (lusogamer).

Details of APK

NameAutoRoot Tools
Size4.01 MB
Package Namecom.wzeeroot_4279131
Required Android2.3 and Up

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting

Rooting your Androids provides you with so many benefits or advantages. However, there are some disadvantages too that you have to keep in mind. I will try my best to share some of the key advantages and disadvantages of this process.


Rooting provides you with the freedom to use your device according to your choice. You can get access to each and every feature, such as editing and testing system applications or software.

You can download restricted Android applications and games. It removes the authority of Google and authorizes the user to use their mobile in whatever manner they want to use.


If you are not familiar with the process then you should not root your Android. Because it has some disadvantages or it has some side effects.

You have to lose your whole data available on your devices if you root. Sometimes users have experienced that rooting totally disabled their Androids to perform.

One of the most important things products.

If your smartphone is expensive then rooting puts your device in high-risk damage and you might get huge money lost.

Usage of AutoRoot Tools Apk

AutoRoot Tools is a very simple root App and does not require any difficult procedure. So simply users have to download the App which has a very light size and consumes less space on-device storage.

After downloading the app from our website install the Apk file of Autoroot Tools. Then open it and go with the app’s instructions rest will perform by the app itself you only need to allow the app to root. Usage of Auto Root Tools App is free and the app is also free to download.

Features of Auto Root Tools Apk

  • It removes the restrictions imposed by the manufacturers of the device.
  • Gives access to mind-blowing features of Android.
  • Expose hidden benefits of Android smartphones and tablets.
  • It allows users to perform Android development.
  • Users can change settings of their phone after rooting, which was not possible before it.
  • Users can install or download any kind of game app that was previously restricted by the device.
  • Freedom and GameGuardian Apps are some of the best game hacking Applications which can be install after rooting mobile.

Important Tips for using AutoRoot Tools Apk

  • Your device must be on a 50% charge or more than that.
  • You should create a full back up of your data on any other ty device such as PC, Laptop or any other device. So you can save your important stuff after the process because it removes everything.
  • Rooting removes photos, videos, contacts, emails, documents and etc.
  • If the Rooting process stops due to any kind of problem then you can start the process again.
  • Do not turn off your android while the Rooting process.


I have shared some of the most important stuff regarding the Autoroot Tools and Rooting process.

So if you are interested in using this root tool then you can download the latest version of auto root tools apk from our website. Right in this post as we have provided the Download link right below at the end of this article.

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