Battleground Mobile India Apk 2022 Download For Android [India Version]

Previously many websites separate fake info saying PUBG Mobile will be released in India. And since the banning of gameplay all Indian fans are waiting. Thus considering the fans request the Krafton Inc. has decided to launch Battleground Mobile India Apk at the end of May.

PUBG Mobile is online action Battle Gameplay fully managed by Tencent. When the gameplay was under construction phase the Tencent Company decided to support, manage and make it operational. For all digital devices including android smartphones.

Since that moment, the company is modifying and managing the gameplay accordingly. Months back when the geopolitical disturbance was at its peak. The Indian government decided to ban this gameplay inside country showing data leakage concerns.

The other reason for banning this gameplay was high tensions between India and the Chinese. As Tencent company is a Chinese based mobile company. Thus considering the data concern the Indian government imposed strong restrictions.

Since last September 2020, the PUBG Mobile Global version is fully banned inside India. But now a light of hope can be saw because recently a statement was released. Saying Battleground Mobile India Release Date is expected at the end of May.

This means those gamers who are tired of waiting and seeking a hint. Must hold their horses and wait till the last of May because at the end of this month. Krafton Inc. will release the PUBG India version for their fans.

Yeah, Krafton Inc will take all duties including management and manufacturing of the Indian version. As per the official statement, the IND version of PUBG Mobile is ready. And fully managed considering the concerns showed by government.

What is Battleground Mobile India Apk

Thus the gaming version that we discussed earlier is the IND version developed and managed by Krafton Inc. The main objective of releasing a separate version was to remove and eliminate the concerns. Shown the IND government for their smartphone users.

Most of the gamers ask this question that what the unique points that will make this kind of gaming app different from other versions. When we gather and analyze multiple reports, we the basic rules same like other types.

The key difference gamers may experience while playing the game includes event additions. This means players may saw different eventual additions inside gameplay over Diwali and Holi events. Most important addition inside Battleground Mobile India Official is data management.

Yeah, one of the key reason for banning this gameplay was data management and leakage problems. The IND IT Department showed this great concern regarding player’s data and secrecy. Thus now the data including servers will be managed inside India.

Most important point, the revenue generated by the fans will be circulated inside country economy. So the gamers including country will take full benefit of it. Thus you been waiting and excited to play the game then install Battleground Mobile India Apk Download.

Key Features of The Game

  • The direct Apk file link will be reachable.
  • Installing the game will offer Indian version for gamers.
  • Basic rules including the registration process will be same.
  • Even the Maps and Resources will be same.
  • Templates including Skins may be different.
  • Moreover, the theme may be modified considering country events.
  • The registration process will be same.
  • Even the older accounts will also be operational on new gameplay.
  • The Elite Pass system will be the same.

How To Download The Game

When we talk about downloading the updated version of Battleground Mobile India Android. Then till now, no official version of gaming App is reachable online. Furthermore, the IND version is still not official reachable online.

We also tried our best to provide to beta version so gamers will be entertained at the same spot. But we were unsuccessful and we manage to provide the PUBG Mobile 1.4 Beta Apk below here. Remember the direct download link for Indian PUBG Mobile will reachable as soon it is released officially.

How To Install The Game

Once you guys are done with downloading the latest version of PUBG Mobile. The process of installation and utilization of Battleground Mobile India Download will be same.

  • First, download the Apk file.
  • Then locate it from mobile storage section.
  • Don’t forget to allow unknown sources.
  • Now click on the Apk file to initiate installation process.
  • Once the installation is done, go to mobile menu and launch the gameplay.
  • And it’s done.

We already provided multiple version of PUBGMobile on our website. Those who are interested and ready to explore those reachable versions must follow the provided links. That are PUBG Mobile India Apk and PUBG 1.3 Apk.


This will be the greatest opportunity for Indian Mobile users to experience the gameplay in new mode. Where the resources including templates will be different. Moreover, the gaming experience will smoother as the servers will be directly managed inside the country.