Benime Apk Free Download Free For Android [New 2022]

There was a time when people use big screen devices to make multiple presentations in word form. Now time has changed and considering current trend developers structured Benime. Installing the application will enable android user to construct perfect video presentation.

Most of the times people invest in big screens such as laptops due to portable design. Though over time laptop designs do evolve. But still, it seems difficult to carry such large screen devices for long travel including inside trains and planes.

Now the technology has shifted and smartphones are manufactured in such a way that it does offer same operations like laptops. Though developers integrate necessary features inside smartphones. But unable to embed some advanced features like presentation making apps.

Thus considering this technological gap, experts are finally back with this incredible tool called Benime App. Now installing the app will not only offer an advanced video presenting feature. But it also provides important/export option to add and customize any video.

When we talk about advanced Video Editing option then users start worrying about skills. As priorly many software’s were reachable online and most of those are difficult to operate. Even the users got confused when they saw these difficult options.

Therefore considering all these measures, the developers structured this simplest incredible tool for android users. The dashboard including features that are advance plus very easy to use. No extra skill or expertise required to operate this app.

Version we are offering here is the free version. This means some of the key advanced features are locked and force the user to purchase the premium subscription. Hence those who are interested in going pro must purchase a premium subscription.

What is Benime Apk

The application is an online Art & Design application developed and managed by Benzveen. The main purpose of offering this app was to provide a direct online dashboard. Where android users can easily generate and present a perfect presentation by adding different anime and stickers.

Different key features are added inside the application. That includes a blank whiteboard, Music Directory, Voice Overing, Video Import/Export and Direct Share Button. Most importantly the developers integrate this handy feel option inside.

Details of APK

Size142 MB
Package Namecom.benzveen.doodlify
Required Android7.0 and Plus
CategoryApps Art & Design

Yeah, key features including the Handy option is the greatest addition developers added. Remember enabling this handy option will allow a separate to draw and write design anime. Moreover, the colour addition and subtraction also embedded.

Remember those who believe they find a better relative video regarding presentation. Can also add that video directly inside the whiteboard using import option. Furthermore, designed video can also be exported directly in HD quality for better performance.

Multiple assets including GIF’s, Anime, Stickers, Text Styles, Colour and Alignment also reachable. Just click on the dashboard and all these options will automatically appear over the screen. Thus you are ready to integrate the App then install Benime Download inside android device.

Key Features of The Apk

  • The Apk file is free to download from here.
  • Installing the App offers advance Art and Design options.
  • That includes video import-export option.
  • Anime and Sticker direct addition inside App.
  • Background Music and VoiceOver feature.
  • Custom SVG, Anime and Images can be directly imported from storage.
  • Direct apply images into the background.
  • Furthermore, background Theme can be build using a custom option.
  • No registration is required.
  • Those who want to unlock pro features must purchase a premium license.

Screenshots of The App

How To Download The Apk

The application we are offering here is newly developed and released inside market. Thus out there very little number of websites do offer the actual and original version of Apk file. Remember the Apk file is also reachable on the Play Store.

But due to compatibility problem, many devices aren’t able to fetch the file directly. Thus considering direct integration, we also provide the actual App down here. To download the updated version of Benime Android please click on the below-provided button.

Like this Art and editing tool, we already published several different video editing tools on our website. If you are ready and willing to explore those files must follow the provided keywords. That are Full Spectrum Camera App and NRW Kultur App.


If you tired of using the same method of developing presentations and willing to explore new horizons. Then download the latest version of Benime Apk from here. And enjoy developing unlimited video presentations for free without any subscription or registration.