Bigfoot PUBG Apk Download For Android

If you are searching for an Application that helps you to find better loot in PUBG mobile or guide you in Clash Royale Mobile then this tool is for you.

Because the App I have shared here is designed for Android gamers and its name is “Bigfoot PUBG Apk”. Apart from previously mentioned games, it is also helpful for the players of Fortnite.

BigFoot PUBG (Apk) Details

This gives you a better gaming experience on your Android mobile phones. As you know that Players Unknown Battle Ground has got so much fame after its release for Androids. So, these mobile phones play a very crucial role in becoming a good player.

Therefore, most of the people are playing the game on their mobile devices. However, it makes it a little bit difficult to find out or to start the game if you are new to it. But in that case, this tool provides you with coaching and guides you towards success.

Especially if you are Pro gamer broadcast your gameplay then this tool is just made for you. Because it allows you to stay on the ground for a long time without being died in the hands of the enemy.

It was released on 4 April 2019 by OZ Group which also develops games for mobile phones. It has been almost two and a half months but it got so much famous rapidly. There are more than fifty thousand downloads on Play Store with a short period of time.

So, you can imagine how much use that tool is. I know there are a lot of people out there who are huge fans of live streaming of games especially PUBG.

That is why a lot of Pro gamers are broadcasting live from YouTube and other Platforms. Furthermore, these players are also earning through their hobby by gaining a huge fan following, subscribers and so on.

Details of APK

NameBigFoot Pubg
Size96.43 MB
DeveloperOZ Group
Package Nameus.ozteam.bigfoot
Required Android5.0 and Up

Features of BigFoot Pubg App

I have tried to share every feature with a short brief instead of providing them in points. Because I want to make it easier for the users to understand what they are going to achieve from this application.

The reason for explaining each feature is that the App is quite new in the market and no one knows about it. So, there are multiple things that you can perform through this tool.

Supports multiple Games

As I have already mentioned a few of the games which it supports. So here I don’t want to repeat those. However, there is one important note which users must keep in their mind that this is not an official App of PUBG or Fortnite.

Because it is an independent source that harms your game neither performs any illegal activity within your game as per claims of Bigfoot Pubg Apk.

Best Loot Places

Most players in the PUBG wonders here and there but they don’t get better loot and they die soon. But the tool I have shared here leads you to the best places and locations where you can get 8x Scopes, Flare Gun, and other important resources.

When you open the Map after when you run the game and this App it will show you the mark on the map where you can find better loot. So, that is how it works and you don’t need to get confused or go through a complex procedure get everything.

Mini Map HUD

Mini Map HUD is the main feature of the tool that allows its users to identify or navigate the through Fire indicators. It means when someone is firing at you or someone else then it automatically navigates the Rookie to that area or to that enemy.

This is a very useful feature that can let you do a lot of chicken dinners if you get used to of it.

It is a mini map and based on the indicators as you have in the original game when someone fires then it makes you alert. You can find that map on right top on that minimap.

Alerts from being Account Banned

In case you think that this will make you banned your account for permanent then you are wrong.

Because it gives you automatic messages and alerts when it witnesses any cheat or hacks with the game. However, itself the tool is not a hacking App so this will never put your account in risk as per the App claims.

What’s New

There are some changes brought into the Application which I have mentioned below.

  • Bugs are fixed
  • Errors have been removed
  • Performance enhanced
Basic Requirements

In order to run it on your phones, there are some essential requirements which your device must meet.


If you are struggling with your gaming skills and want to improve it faster then I recommend you to get this amazing tool that I have provided. So, here is the latest version of Bigfoot PUBG Apk that you can download for your phone by tapping on the Download button below.

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Q 1. Is Bigfoot Pubg Apk legal?

Ans. Yes, it is legal but it is not affiliated with the games it supports neither it is an official product of those firms.

Q 2. Is Bigfoot App Cheating Tool or App for PUBG?

Ans. No, as per claims of the Application it is an informative software that only provides guidance and information that is already available within the game.

Furthermore, it does not enhance the gaming capability automatically but guides towards betterment. So, it is like a mentor and teacher.

Q 3. Is Apk free?

Ans. Yes, it is free and there are no hidden paid features.

Q 4. Is Apk Safe?

Ans. Yes, it is absolutely safe.

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