BlockLauncher Pro Apk 2023 Download For Android [Updated]

This time we are back with something new for Minecraft Pocket Edition lovers. If you are a lover of Minecraft then should have used and heard about BlockLauncher Pro Apk. This is an external tool particularly developed for Minecraft PE gamers.

If we look back then this tool was previously launched with the name of MCPELauncher. Through this, the users are enabled to get the edge over opponents with mod patching features.

By accessing the mod patching features of the gameplay. But later due to some software up-gradations. The tool was unable to patch and configure or load textures.

Considering the problem and patch issue the developers recodify and launched the latest new version of Apk File for gamers. Through this, the users are enabled to use advanced load original textures including an unlimited number of PTPatches and ModPE scripts. Which helps the user in loading built-in texture pack and different original Minecraft textures.

In reality, this version of Apk does not apply and is compatible with the load original textures used inside Minecraft Packet Addition. To access the built-in texture pack the users need root access their smartphones. Without rooting their device, it is not possible to access the built-in Pocket Edition Compatiable texture pack.

Previously if you played the Minecraft PE edition then you probably used this BlockLauncher Pro App to unlock mod formatted patches. But by adding different external plugins like Minecraft PE/Bedrock Edition the plugin stop functioning properly.

Considering the free version malfunctioning, the developer’s structure the latest version Apk for gamers. Through this, Minecraft-installed gamers are enabled to access unlimited features without purchasing the pro version. To download the updated version please click on the provided download link button.

What is BlockLauncher Pro Apk

BlockLauncher Pro Apk is a premium tool accessible to download from our website. The currently installed copy version of App offers multiple functionalities including patches and textures for their gamers. Moreover, now the user is given full control over servers to patch multiple Server IPs at once.

There are some issues during the usage of Apk File and that is incompatibility. Yeah, you heard us right, the tool shows incompatibility with some Samsung devices such as Samsung Knox and other security solutions such as licenses. This incompatibility may stop the live patching with ModPE Script runtime.

Details of APK

NameBlockLauncher Pro
Size30.2 MB
DeveloperZhuowei Zhang
Required Android4.1 and Plus

Some of the .mod-formatted patches including live textures might works. And the developers are still conducting different experts to resolve this incompatibility problem. This BlockLauncher Pro App totally works around the original version of providing patches and texture packs.

For precautionary measures, the professional experts of this Apk suggest the users. To install and use the free or trial version before purchasing the legal version. Because the current Apk File supports the old version of Android devices. And may not work properly on the latest Android phones.

Key Features of The App

  • The free version of Apk File is reachable to download from our website.
  • Using this tool the mobile users can patch the limitless number of devices with PTPatches and ModPE Scripts.
  • Built-in textures are reachable to use inside the tool.
  • Simply select mods from main screen to check App compatibility.
  • It doesn’t support the official version textures.
  • Now the users are enabled to patch and config different IP’s with server.

Screenshots of The App

How To Download And Install The App

Out there different platforms offer similar Apk Files for android mobile users. But in reality, such kind of platforms are non-trustworthy and may provide corrupted files. In real android users can trust our website because we only provide authentic and original Apk Files.

Even we install the same Apk File over different devices. Once we are sure that the file is stable and free of malware then we provide inside download link. To download the latest version of BlockLauncher Pro Apk please click on the download link button.

After downloading the updated version of the tool. Go to mobile storage section and initiate the installation process. Once the installation process completes. Visit the mobile menu and launch the installed app.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. <strong>Are We Providing BlockLauncher Pro Apk 2023?</strong>

    Yes, here we are offering the latest version of BlockLauncher Pro for Android users. Click on download and easily get Pro Apk file 2023 for free.

  2. <strong>Is It Possible For Jelly Bean Users To Operate Script Smoothly?</strong>

    We are not assuring any guarantees, yet many gamers believe this tool is not function properly for Jelly Bean users.

  3. <strong>Can Android Users Download Mod Apk Tool From Google Play Store?</strong>

    No, such modifying tools are not accessible to download from Google Play Store. If any user is interested then he/she can easily download it from here with one click.


Till now this is the best tool for Live Patching and Built-in textures. Even the user can patch server IP’s using the same tool. The download link is provided inside the article. Install the tool and enjoy the limitless features for free.

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