What is Bluetana Apk?

I am going to discuss an application which was launched to detect skimming devices. Some of you may know about which app I am talking here and some may not. Actually, I am talking about Bluetana Apk for Android mobile phones and tablets. 

This application is free to download and use. It is mainly used by law enforcement agencies or police. However, there is no ban for civilians to use it, as it is not a harmful or restricted tool. Therefore, everyone can download it and get benefits.

In today’s article, I am not going to share the Apk file of that tool. But I am going to tell you that for what purposes it can be used and how it works. So, today’s topic is informative and useful for all of us.

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About Bluetana 

Bluetana Apk is an Android application that allows users to identify or detect Skimming devices. You may have seen or witnessed that hackers try to install such devices on ATM machines, Fuel Pumps or other places which extract PINs and other details of your Cards.

Further, hackers use those details to steal all of your money. Therefore, some IT experts from the University of California San Diego and the University of Illinois developed an app known as Bluetana. 

It is specially developed and applicable for the fuel pumps. The experts analyzed the data taken from more than a thousand gas stations in six states of the USA. Then they came up with a special algorithm to detect Bluetooth enabled skimming devices.

What are skimming devices or Skimmers?

Before going to know about the app you must know what skimmers are and for what purposes those can be used. These are the tools, which are used for stealing Password, Pin, username, and many other details of your Cards.

Especially these tools are used to get ATM details so they can steal your money. Further, it is almost impossible to find or identify such things, therefore, people get trapped. Therefore, IT experts launched Bluetana Apk to find out such things. 

How Bluetana Apk works?

This can be used on smartphones as well as tablets that have Android operating system. This tool scans all the Bluetooth devices available in its specified range. So, when it detects such a thing then it shows a report in red color to the users of the application.  

According to the researchers, they got much success as compared to other tools of detection. Furthermore, they hired 44 volunteers to run it in various states of America. So, they collected data from almost 1,185 fuel stations.


This is a very useful and powerful tool for Android phone to stay away from the hackers and stealers. If you are interested in this tool then you can get it from the authorized sources. However, we are not able to share that application here.