Best Brawl Star Characters To Play And Win

Hello everyone, are you a player of the Brawl Star Android game? If yes, then we are here with some of the latest informative content for you, which is the best Brawl Star Characters. You can find some of the best characters to enhance your gameplay and easily win any match.

There are wide collections of characters available in the game for the players. But one of the most common problems is to get a perfect character for your gameplay. Different people prefer to use different brawls according to their gameplay. So, we are going to share some of the best.

What is Brawl Star?

There might be people, who don’t know about the game. So, we are going to start from the initial with you all. The Brawl Star is an Android Action Game, which offers a multiplayer online gaming platform for the players to join and enjoy their free time.

It is a royal battle game, in which you can join solo, dual, or squads. The squad is consisting of three players, who have to fight against another team. So, you have to defend the main center of the map and keep attacking the opponents.

After some time, diamonds are provided for the users, which the players have to get as fast as possible. The team, which collection ten diamonds first will be declared as winners of the match. So, you have to kill the opponents.

Different characters are available for the players, which have different abilities. So, today, we are here with the top Brawl Star characters for you, which can easily lead players to victory. Player’s skills also matter in the match, but without a good character, players are just helpless.

So, if you want to be the best player in the game, then choose a good character. You can also find another character, with which you can coordinate and play a healthy game. So, don’t afraid to explore more brawls in the game.

Top Brawl Star Characters


It is one of the finest characters of the game, which some of the high-level skills. The most important things about this character are status, which provides 4400 health at level one and 6160 at maximum. You can have an attack of 1300 at level 1, which you can max at 1820.

So, it is the best package for the players to choose from. You can easily take more damage and also use more powerful strikes on the opponents. The character’s appearance is unique and attractive, which has special skills fighting in bushes.


If you are looking for a character, which takes more damage and loses less health, then ROSA is the best option for you. It has some of the best health skills, which start 5000 at level one and 7000 at maximum level. So, you can have the character with the best health.

The character has also a superpower in the bushes. ROSA can heal with the most amazing speed in bushes, which is 200 per second. So, in no time, your character will be back to fight and take more opponents down easily.


Usually, players don’t want to stay back or wait, they prefer to fight. So, PAM is the best Brawl for the players, who want to damage their opponents. The damage is less than the health feature for the character, but you can get both of the best features with it.

On level, one health will be 4300 and you can max it up to 6020. So, you can have an upper-hand over the opponents. So, if you want to play and win, then PAM will be the best Brawl for you to achieve your victory.


This is one of my favorite Brawls of the game, which has some of the finest skills to win any kind of match. It is one of the fastest brawls in the game, which strike faster than anyone. The health rate is also high for the players, which is 3400 at level 1 and 4760 at max.

The damaged power is also high and you can easily take out the opponents with it. Its normal damage rate is 500 at a minimum level and 700 at the maximum. The special damage is 1000 at minimum, which can be enhanced to 1400.

STU Brawl Star

The Stu is the latest Brawl, which is just added for the players. It is one of the top characters, which can easily take down multiple players. The special abilities of the character are shooting fire at long and short-range.

It also leaves fire tracks behind him, which can easily damage the opponents who are rushing at you. So, there is information about Stu. You can choose and know more about it. So, play using anyone these and surely you can win multiple matches.

There are tons of more Top Brawls, which you can explore in the game. But we mentioned some of the best brawls with the best abilities to help the player in achieving victory. It is a game, which means the more you play, your gameplay will be improved.

Final Words

So, do you want to know about more amazing Brawls? If yes, then just let us know through the comment section below. We will make sure to provide content according to our visitors. So for more amazing informative content keep visiting our Website.

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