CCPlay Apk Download 2022 For Android [App Store]

China is considered among the most populous country in the world. Thus this country has the largest number of android users. Recently Google has imposed strong restriction on this country. So focusing users assistance expert made CCPlay Apk.

Hence this application is an online android store where different Apps and Games are reachable download and install. As China has the greatest population in the world. And most of the android users does exist inside china.

Due to political instability and different problems. Google has imposed multiple restrictions for android users inside the country. Even the Chinese government has a strong policy regarding external apps. This means Facebook, Twitter and other gaming apps are not operational inside the country.

Hence the country prefers their own Apps and games instead of importing outside. So considering all the problems and users’ assistance, a new android App Store is launched with the name of CCPlay App. Installing the app offers all Chinese Apps and Games for free.

Apart from basic apps and games, the developers also integrate this separate section inside app. Where multiple products are reachable. This means now android users can easily purchase and manage different products through the store.

Hence installing the application inside the android device will offer this online purchasing option. The delivery process of those products is the same as that of other platforms. However, there is one problem while accessing the application.

That is language barrier which means the whole application is developed using Chinese. Those who aren’t good at speaking Chinese may experience difficulty. But don’t worry because CCPlay English version is also reachable.

All they need to do is go to the app setting, select the language option. And then change the Chinese into English version for better understanding. If you tired of different errors and searching for a new App Store then download this new Apk file.

What is CCPlay Apk

Actually, the mentioned application is an online Apps and Game Store developed for android users. As Google Sponsored apps are fully banned in china. So considering the user’s assistance this App Store is developed for smooth operation.

According to information, almost 70 percent of Android users has old or outdated Android OS. Thus in such devices, no new apps are fetchable or installable. Majority of those android users searches online for different sources.

Details of APK

Size31 MB
Required Android4.1 and Plus
CategoryApps Productivity

From there can easily download and install multiple Apps and Games easily. But due to security concern, such users avoid third-party sources. Even recently Huawei devices do not support play store services. Therefore focusing security concerns and user privacy this new CCPlay.CC Apk was developed.

Apart from basic features, the developers also integrate these modded files inside the store. Means those who cannot afford to purchase premium apps and games. Can now download the modded files for free without any restriction.

Remember the registration process is reachable but it is kept optional. Hence those who want to manage their apps mannerly must register with the platform. If your device isn’t supporting Google Apps and Games then we suggest you install CCPlay Apk Download.

Key Features of The Apk

  • The Application file is free to download from here.
  • Integrating the App inside android device may offer different Apps and Games.
  • Apart from Apk files, the registered member can also do shopping.
  • Registration option is kept optional.
  • No subscription is required.
  • Third-party ads are not allowed.
  • The user interface of App does support Chinese language.
  • But it can be switchable from the setting.

Screenshots of The App

How To Download The Apk

Out there many platforms claim to offer similar Apk files for free. But in reality, those websites are offering fake and corrupted files. So what should android users do in such situation when everyone is offering false Apps?

If you are confused and don’t know whom to trust must visit our website. Because here we only offer authentic and pre-installed Apk files. To download the updated version of CCPlay Android please click on the below-mentioned link.

Is It Safe To Install The Apk

We already published the application on different android devices and found no error. Even the outdated devices fully support the Apk file. No information or registration is required. If you are looking for a perfect alternative to Google Store then you should install inside Mobile CCPlay.

Similar to this App Store, we already published different online apps and gaming stores for android users. Those who are seeking the best alternative to Google Play Store must visit the mentioned URLs. Which are MYKET Apk and XingTu Apk.


If your android device is not supporting Google Play Services and seeking an alternative. Then we recommend you install CCPlay Apk inside your android device. Because this the best and most trusted third-party source for downloading different Apps and Games.