Chikii APK Download For Android [Latest Version]

There is a fresh entrant in the cloud-gaming arena for mobile phones. It is called Chikii APK. If you are a gaming enthusiast, don’t delay joining this community.

The world of games brings a lot of things for us. It is entertainment. A way of communication and connection with the like-minded. And a way to boost the mental dexterity and flexibility among many other things.

That is why we are here today with a special app that will help you find people who share the same craze. You can download the latest version of this app for free from here. Enjoy.

What is Chikii APK?

The Chikki App brings all the computer games to your mobile phone through the PC Cloud Game Group. Join and play thousands of player to enjoy your favorite games from anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

Mirror the best PC games to your handheld Android screen without having to buy or use a bulky and expensive gaming computer or a PS4. With this option, who needs to go for the old fad? Let’s swim with the new tide.

According to the makers of Chikki MOD APK, this is a better cloud gaming community, even better than the market-dominating names like Stadia. To find that out, you will have to experience it first hand.

The community flaunts the most to build and the best game user group in the online world. You should not miss your chance to be part of it.

 The Chikii APK Engine provides you access to all the famous and trending PC games. You will find many players sharing their PC, and game consoles. Just join them and be part of the fun-filled party.

These include the awesome games like GTA5, Jump Force, Witcher III, Naturo Storm 4, Just Cause 3, NBA 2K19, Absolution, Hitman, Fifa 19, and Dead by Daylight.

APK Details

Size51 MB
Package Namecom.dianyun.chikii
Required Android5.0 and Above

Features of Chikki App

this cloud gaming platform for your handheld devices brings a collection of awesome options and features. Here are some, we would like you to know. You can discover more by using the app.

  • Access all the best computer and play station games from your phone.
  • Be part of the best game user group
  • Join and play anytime.
  • Become part of any of the games mentioned above.
  • The app supports the handle keyboard to run the game.
  • Preset button by default with the full configuration for all games.
  • Archive option, continue the game from the last time you stopped.

How to Download and Install Chikii APK?

This app is easy to get and install on your Android run smartphones or tablets. It requires following a couple of steps.

Once you go through them the Chikki MOD APK will be on your phone and you will be ready to enjoy whatever your choice is. For your ease, we have sequenced the steps. Just follow them as given.

  1. As a first step, you will have to tap on the ”˜Download APK’ button at the end of this article. This will start the process for you and the time taken depends on the speed of the internet.
  2. Meanwhile, go to the security settings of your device and toggle the ”˜Unknown Sources’ to ”˜Allow’. This will let you install third-party apps other than that of the play store.
  3. If the downloading process is complete. Go to the storage directory and find the ”˜Chikii APK’.
  4. Tap on it and press ”˜OK’ a couple of times. This will install the application.

Return to the Android screen and find the Chikki app icon. Login and rush to your favorite game. If you spend the coins, the entry will be immediate. Otherwise, you will have to queue with others and wait for your turn.

App Screenshots


Chikii APK is a PC Cloud Game group to play all the best games from that world right on your mobile phone. Join thousands of people right from your Android smartphone and enjoy free gaming. Just tap on the link given below.

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