CLEO Gold Apk Download For Android

Usually, I do not recommend to use cheats while playing games but it is my duty to share such stuff here because some people love to use such tools.

Therefore, I have found out an app known as “CLEO Gold Apk” for your Android mobile users. If you are wondering how you can utilize it or with what kind of devices it is compatible then you must check that out in this article.

I have written a comprehensive article in which you will be going to get the information that you are looking for. However, I always try my best to share useful and entertaining stuff here so in reward I only ask you guys to share this post with your colleagues.

Further, this will help us to grow our website and bring more amazing content for you. If you are already aware about the tool then you can directly scroll down to the end of this page to download the App. There you will get the latest version of the application.

About CLEO Gold

CLEO Gold Apk is not less than gold for lazy gamers who want to make their gameplay easy in GTA games. This is not a gaming application but provides various kinds of hacks or you can use it to enter hacking scripts into the game.

It actually helps you to penetrate custom scripts, or scripts command in GTA (SA) San Andreas, Vice City, and GTA III. There are so many amazing features that are codes you can utilize to enhance your gaming skills illegally. 

I said illegally because it lets you exploit glitches that exist in the Great Theft Auto. However, you are not going to get yourself in any kind of serious trouble for using this application. Therefore, you don’t need to hesitate while using it or downloading it for your phones. 

Basically, it is a tool that is developed by an independent developer. Furthermore, it is free to download and use on your phones. There are only two series or editions of the GTA for which you can use this app. So, on the rest of the series, it does not work at all. 

There are a few important things or points that you need to keep in mind while installing this app on your phones.

First of all, you must make sure that you have enabled your phone to install Apk files from third-party sources. Secondly, you have already installed the game on which you are trying to utilize it. 

Details of APK

NameCLEO Gold
Size7.85 KB
DeveloperAlexander Blade
Package Namecom.devc.cleogold
Required Android4.2 and Up
Is it safe?

Although there is no kind of guarantee whether it is safe or not, till now no one has reported any such issue. Therefore, to some extent, you can trust it but one cannot make it sure about its safety at all because it is an independent source.

Furthermore, it is an illegal tool itself and you are using to perform illegal tasks so it is quite impossible to comment on security.

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How to use CLEO Gold Apk?

There is no rocket science in it so anyone can use it without any kind of experience and difficulty. But if you are still looking to know how to use it then you must follow this step by step guide here below. 

  • You need to download the latest version of the app for your Android and install it on your phones.
  • After the successful installation please launch or open the app on your phones.
  • Now click on the game edition for which you want to use such as GTA SA, Vice City or GTA (III) 3.
  • Now you can Install Scripts or you can manage them.
  • You are done.
CLEO Gold Apk No Root

I have checked this application on my smartphone which is not rooted so it does not work for me. So, I am not sure whether it will work on other devices that are non-rooted. Therefore, if you are looking for the CLEO Gold Apk No Root then you are not going to have it at all. It is only available for the Rooted devices which is why you must make it sure that your device has root access. 

Screenshots of the App

Video Tutorial of the App


In the initial paragraphs, I have already mentioned that these kinds of apps are used to penetrate hacks and cheats. Therefore, these are illegal as well as unethical to use.

Further, it spoils the fun level as you complete all the levels without any hurdles and efforts. However, it is your choice so if you are ready or willing to download CLEO Gold Apk latest version for Androids then click on below download button.