Corona Warn App Apk Download For Android [Updated 2023]

In these times of hardship due to the corona pandemic. Health has become a priority. We have an official app to help out our German people. It is called Corona Warn App APK. Is it safe? How about your privacy? Learn more by reading this article.

Amid the contact tracing Apps and situation, there is a new debate raging globally. People are raising eyebrows at using surveillance technology to track and treat infected person or patients. Some people believe it infringes on the basic rights of freedom and privacy. While others fear, this would become a norm even after the pandemic is over.

With this Corona Warning App, most of these concerns are addressed. Even the Apps kept infected person remains anonymous. To use it without any apprehension, you just need to download the latest version for free from here and install it on your Android mobile phone or device.

What is Corona Warn App APK?

Corona Warn App Apk is an application that serves as a digital complement to hygiene, mask-wearing, and social distancing. It is developed by The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) as the National Health Care System on behalf of the Federal Government of Germany.

The mobile device App employs Bluetooth technology and the Google Exposure Notification Framework. This means the system uses Google Exposure Notification APIS for the exposure notification system.

Remember neither the person nor singular system controls the App. It is designed to help break the infection chain by informing you in time if you came close to someone recently who has a positive test result for proven corona infection.

The best future of the Android version is it does not collect any personal information. Who you are, your name, ID, address, and all other personal details remain secret. Here your privacy is as much a priority as Corona protection.

APK Details

NameCorona Warn App
Size16 MB
DeveloperRobert Koch Institute
Package Namede.rki.coronawarnapp
Required Android6.0 and Above
CategoryApps Health & Fitness

How Does The Corona Warn APK Work?

It will start working when you activate the exposure notifications feature of the app. The App works exposure logging and the feature must be active all times. This you can do whenever leaving the house. When this feature is enabled your Android starts exchanging encrypted smartphone’s random IDs with other mobile phones via Bluetooth.

Due to the exchange random IDs, the duration and distance of an encounter are provided. This leaves no room for the identification of the persons behind these IDs. The Corona Warn App does not collect any details about the location of the encounter or that of the users per se.

Now, based on maximum corona incubation times, these random IDs collected by your device are stored in an exposure Log for a fortnight. Which are then automatically deleted.

If a person is subsequently tested positive for the infection, he/she may choose to share his/her ID. At this point, all the encountered persons will receive an anonymous notification. This will break infection chains and avoid affected users from contacting other users.

In this way, no one will ever know how, when, where, or with whom the exposure event took place. This newly diagnosed patient will be anonymous. The main Corona App also offers persons’ previously encountered history.

On the other hand, the Corona warn App apply to all users. These newly notified individuals will receive recommendations for caution, prevention, and action. Here the information about these individuals would not be accessible to anybody.

How To Secure Your Data?

The Corona Warn App APK is designed to be your partner, a faithful one that will never tell on you. It will never know your identity at all. Data protection is a guaranteed protocol throughout the app’s entire service life and for all its functions. If you are asking how can I be sure? Here is some detail to convince you.

No requirement of registration: that is no email, no name, no phone number is required, or asked by the app. However, the App servers QR Code system for easy App work. Even it will display tests positive person reporting.

No Exchange of Identities: the smartphones communicate with each other with random IDs, and your personal and original identity remains undisclosed during this cross-communication.

Decentralized Storage facility: the data created by the app is stored only on the smartphone itself and nowhere else. That too goes to the bin automatically after 14 days.

No Access to third parties: The exchange of data is exclusively between smartphones that cannot be accessed by the German Government, nor by Robert Koch Institute, or any other organization or company, including, Google, Apple, etc.

The Central Federal Institution provides options to get digital vaccination certificates. If you visiting Germany regularly, then you may need this digital vaccination status.

In addition, the system will provide full data privacy. Moreover, the collected data will help identify persons who tested positive. The smartphone collects further information for an extended period.

The latest update corrects bugs and never offer third-party access to data. App serves new features including public health news, notified anonymously, fully guaranteed services and offers details of notified persons.

How To Download the Corona Warn App APK?

Just follow the steps below to get the application on your phone. Save yourself and your loved ones, without fearing about your personal data or privacy.

  • First, go to the Download APK button below and tap it.
  • This will start the download, and it will take a while depending upon your internet speed.
  • Once the process is complete, locate the APK file on your device and tap it.
  • It will prompt for Unknown Devices permission. Allow it by going to the Security settings of the device
  • Tap a few more times after that you will be at the end of a successful installation.
  • Now locate the Corona Warn App icon on the mobile phone screen and explore the features for use when you go out next time.

App Screenshots

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is Corona Warn App Free To Download?

    Yes, the latest version of Android App is completely free to download from here. Simply click on provided link access endless premium services for free.

  2. Is It Safe To Install Apk File?

    The Android version we are offering here is completely legal and safe to install. Even the App never stores extra data regarding users.

  3. Can Android Users Download App From Google Play Store?

    Yes, the Android App is accessible to download from Play Store. If any user is interested, then he/she should enter the data correctly and will get latest Apk file.


Corona Warn App APK is an official application developed to cut the spread of coronavirus by employing the latest technology. Specially integrated privacy features make it safe for anybody concerned about personal data. To get it on your Android, tap on the link below.

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