Countdown Death App Apk Download For Android [2022]

Do you like horror movies? if yes, then I have an application that is going to make you shock for a while. That application is quite famous with the name “Countdown Death App Apk” for Android smartphones and tablets. 

Horror movies are sometimes so much horrendous and give you goosebumps. But this application is not a movie streaming application neither it is a movie.

However, in the next paragraphs, I am going to discuss it in detail. But for now, I just want to make you sure that here in this post you are going to download the latest version of Countdown Movie App.

So, if you are interested to know more about this tool then you must give a read to this article. Further, share this article as well as the Apk with your friends who love adventures and horrifying activities. You can use all the social networking sites to share this amazing thing.

About Countdown Death App

Countdown Death App Apk is the package file that you can install on your Android mobile phones. This is a kind of entertainment application which offers you to have some fun when you are free.

Further, this application is available for all kinds of top mobile OS brands like iOS, Androids and many others. 

Basically, this is based on the upcoming Hollywood film ”˜Countdown’. This application is currently in trend in Europe and the USA just because of the fame of that film.

So, if you want to watch that film then you have to wait for its release or if it is already released in your area then you can enjoy it in cinemas.

However, there is a purpose of this application and that is to live your life happily. It is a simple software which only depicts the story of the picture. But the movie is based on the terrifying scenes which are going to make you scared. 

Details of APK

NameCountdown Death App
Size12.67 MB
DeveloperCountdown App
Package Namecom.bladeworkshop.lifecountdown
Required Android4.3 and Up
CategoryApps Lifestyle

Countdown Movie App Apk

There are multiple names that are alternatives through which people are searching for the application. In the iOS App Store, it is on top of the trending apps.

This mysterious application is developed and offered by Ryan Boyling. He has also clarified through Twitter that they have no any kind of affiliation with that movie. But he developed this product due to inspiration from that picture. 

What is Countdown App Apk?

This is a recently released software which is not that much expanded when it comes to its features and specifications. So, when you will open it you will be asked to select your date of birth and then date of death.

After selecting those all options, you get a graph where you can clearly see the days, minutes, and seconds you have left to die. Although it is a horrifying thing for some if they take it seriously but I don’t know what is the basic purpose of this software.

Screenshots of the App

Screenshot of Countdown Death App
Screenshot of Countdown Death App Apk
Screenshot of Countdown Death Apk

How to use Countdown Death App Apk?

First thing let me clear here that this is a very simple software that you only need to install and select the Date of birth and date of death which is off course fake.

However, to make it install you need to enable the option of ”˜Unknown Source’. Then it will let you install the Apk because this is a third-party source. 

Is it real?

A lot of websites have tried to create fuss by giving false and fake reviews regarding this tool. But let me tell you that this is not a real thing. So, don’t bother yourself and enjoy your life and no one can predict your life and death through such simple things. 


However, I have used this product and when I checked the ”˜About’ option where you can only get ”˜Enjoy your life’ message. So, basically, the author of this product is trying to make you realize that there is nothing more important than your life.

Further, death is uncertain you don’t know about that so live happily no matter how much time you have left. Furthermore, I have shared that the so-called Death App here in this article.

So, if you want to download the latest version of Countdown Death App Apk for Android then click on the below download button.