Doctor Wins App Apk Download For Android [Latest]

From since the beginning of 2018, the whole world is under a lockdown situation due to the pandemic problem. Even those countries which confident regarding the latest medical equipment are in chaos. To counter the problem Thailand Government has launch Doctor Wins App.

Basically, installing the application will not only help the people in resolving the problems. But it will also help people in countering the problem regarding its separation. Thus till now, no antidote is available inside the market.

Then how the government gonna resolve and tackle the problem with a single application? Remember those countries which are currently considered among the top medical facilities. Are facing this infectious increase due to irregular behaviour.

Though initially when the countries observe the problem and decided to put their states in a lockdown mode. But when they realize that it is entirely affectless and useless to put countries in a lockdown situation. They decided to start this monitoring program.

Using this advance monitoring program stats institutes can easily counter the situation. Because going for full lockdown may cause a hunger problem inside countries like Thailand. And even may cause huge crises in terms of economical and hunger.

Therefore focusing the problem, the experts came up with this new technology. Through which the state institutes will counter the problem easily by offering advance monitoring system. If you are ready to contribute and help the governmental institutes than download MorChana App from here.

More About Doctor Wins Apk

As we elaborate above that it is a health or fitness related tool developed by Digital Government Development Agency, Thailand. The main function of this tool is to monitor the situation. And offer counter-measures to resolve the problems.

In the current situation, there are only two main solutions, either resolve the disease problem offering Anti-Dot. Which is under the trial situation and no institution was able to resolve it. The second option is to offer a strong monitoring mechanism.

Until the Anti-Dot is reachable, the governmental states decided to think about this second option. Through which they can easily monitor the problem. Hence the development agencies structure this new MorChana Doctor Wins.

Details of APK

NameDoctor Wins
Size46 MB
DeveloperDigital Government Development Agency, Thailand
Required Android5.0 and up

Through which they can easily manage the situation by offering a brand new application. As soon as the user installs the application, it will access the mobile GPS service. Which will help the government departments to monitor and locate the affected people.

Even inside application, a guide is available consist of different MCQ’s. Solving the question and putting the right answers will make it easier to conclude either your health is good or not. Moreover, the developers integrated this QR Code Scanner inside.

Using this scanner, the user can easily offer data regarding his/her location. Plus it will also offer full information regarding recent visits plus attended ceremonies. If you are ready to contribute and help the government institutes than download Doctor Wins App.

Key Features of The App

  • Free to download updated Apk file with one-click operation.
  • Installing the app will help the user offer correct data.
  • Regarding their recent visits plus attended events.
  • The app will also access Mobile GPS to get the correct location.
  • No need to apply for any registration.
  • The user must upload a recent picture.
  • No third party ads are allowed.
  • The user interface of app is mobile friendly.

Screenshots of The Apk

How To Download The Apk

Out there several similar Apk files are moving over the internet. But most of those are fake or corrupted and may cause negative damage to android devices. If you are stuck and don’t know whom to trust and not?

Then we suggest those users trust on our website. Because we only share pre-installed application which is operational and malware-free. To download the updated version of Doctor Wins For Android please click on below link.

Remember this application is only permissible for Thailand android users. If you don’t belong to Thailand than you must check these new Corona related application such as Smittestopp App and SafeWA App.


This is the best time to help the Thailand State Institutes by installing the Doctor Wins App inside smartphones. Installing the Apk will not only help the institutes but it will also help the people in terms of getting the latest information regarding the disease.