Dragon Raja Sea Apk OBB Download For Android [New]

Welcome to the world of Humans versus dragons. To find more, download the latest version of Dragon Raja Sea Apk now from our website for your Android gadget. RPG Games have dominated the world of gaming for a long and remain popular.

As new features are added and extensions are incorporated into the gameplay to cater to the demands of time. No doubt, role-play games give the player immense freedom in choosing and adopting the gameplay.

This includes the opportunity to maneuver according to the imagination of the player, involving him or her more. Considering all these considerations, the developers offered this new very world gameplay, deliver PVE system features.

What is Dragon Raja Sea Apk

Dragon Raja Sea Freely is an open-world electrifying PVP System game based on Engine 4. The game gives the player options including free space to create various characters and become friends with people from around the world.

Complete missions, choose a profession, dress in the best suit, and many more. With superb support High game quality and the latest multiple options integrated into the gameplay. You can explore the world with your newly made friends and fight alongside them towards achieving your goals.

Although gameplay supports optical motion capture technology. Yet focusing own choices, the developers offered comprehensive character customization. Create unique characters and explore the gigantic open world.

Here inside review, the gamers will find massive game contents with different characters’ personality. Now create your own favorite characters anytime with customized art assets. Even explore many landmark locations through riddle solving.

Apk Details

NameDragon Raja Sea
Size1.83 GB
DeveloperArchosaurs Games
Package Namecom.archosaur.sea.dr.gp
Required Android5.0 and Up
CategoryGames Role Playing

The Story-Line of Dragon Raja Sea App

The player is recreated in Dragon Raja dominated by science and technology that reigns above all else. But in this unique world, life is not a bed of roses, as dragons have woken up after thousands of years of long sleep. Behind all these disastrous events is a Raja system version from the prehistoric era.

He and his henchmen want to crossbreed humans and dragons that threaten the existence of the human race on the planet. But as long as you are in the game, there is hope for humanity. Your job here would be to decimate all the dragons and restore peace on the planet.

This is a difficult task. You are going to face dangerous and challenging encounters. To complete all these missions you must continuously level up your skills and weapons.

Create a Profile on Dragon Raja Sea Apk

Before you go on a mission the first task in Dragon Raja is to create your own character as happens in all role-playing games. Choose from the following four options. Each character is different and comes with inherent advantages and disadvantages. Choose the one that suits your game character and one you want to see yourself in.

Blade Master: best for close combats with the enemy, can absorb many assaults without succumbing.

Assassin: good at both short and long-range attacks at the enemy, this character is a burst damage dealer.

Soul Dancer: this character is a support class and has magic powers.

Gunslinger: for long-range attacks, none is better than this one.

Game Features

The unmatched and amazing features of the game will force you to visit the game again and again. Let see what the Dragon Raja Sea Apk has to offer.

Stunning Graphics Day

The details in the world created for the game are in-depth and detailed. Even the old ones created for computers cannot compete with the sharpness here which is truly remarkable. Here the gamers can witness realistic night sunshine or rain with a unique fresh experience.

The simulated physical collision system and optical motion technology integrated into the game create a smart environment, almost as if the real world of humans. With this you can enjoy the game in any weather rain, snow, sunny, or cloudy and explore for yourself the stunning world of Dragon Raja.

Real-world background and character design will take you in your world of imagination to tackle the enemies of humanity with zeal.

An Extensive Open World

Just like any other RPG game it offers the player an extensive imaginary world to travel in and explore for free.

With many of the famous landmarks from real-world recreated, an open storyline, and freedom to indulge in dialogues of your choice, you are in power to change the world as you wish.

Not just that, here you can take a stunning selfie with your favorite characters if you want and make a memory to relish on Dragon Raja Sea.

Character Customization

Create a character of your own choice and groom it in your own way with different responses for the events going to take place in the future. The personality building of the character inside and outside is in your hands now. With that being said, pick the dress you fancy that includes casual, street, retro, or futuristic to give an attractive look to the character.

Cook a mouth-watering dish, race cars on the road, or have a walk in the woods with Baifern, here in Dragon Raja Sea Apk option are plenty.

Unique Gameplay

Out of a dozen gameplay modes and careers created for you, select the one you want to live as in this awesome imaginary world. What do you want to be? A racing champion, Michelin-Starred Chef, a superstar from the showbiz industry, or any other, you are the master of your own future here, get the one you dream of.

This is not all here, with each character there are different secrets, waiting to be discovered, unexpected and amazing possibilities are waiting for you to discover.

Nail-biting Real-Time Combat

The game is built on a thrilling PvP system that gives you a real combat experience in the gameplay. The system features numerous bosses and puzzle-solving tasks, giving each PvP dungeon a set of unique features.

Find out what you are best at, whether you can stand one to one or in the open battleground against hundreds of opponents. Or find some fierce club matches to fight for honor and fame.

Meet Baifern Pimchanok

Baifern is going to be a special character in the Dragon Raja Sea Apk. She is waiting for you to meet her on the platform and can be your crush or best friend. She has special gifts and events just for you to help you on the path to the ultimate goal of saving the world.

Most Anticipated Game Award

The Dragon Raja’s Realistic Combat is successful in winning worlderful combat awards due to its unforeseen events and Higher SNS Official Site. Enjoy realistic combat fighting unique bosses inside PVE Dungeon.

How To Download the Game

Follow the given steps here to download the incredible game on your Android mobile phone or Tablet.

  •  Tap/Click on the button (this will initiate the download automatically).
  •  Tap/Click on the APK file
  •  Tap on the app and enable Unknown Sources option
  •  Tap next to install the APK on your device.

Now you can enter the world of imagination, a dream life is waiting for you. Chose the character, groom it, and explore the beautiful world of Dragon Raja Apk. As you move up the mission, the opponents will get stronger so get ready to fight them with the appropriate weapons and skills.

Are We Providing Dragon Raja – Sea Mod Apk?

No, here we are offering the official legal version of Android game for players. Gamers can directly download game from here with one click.

Is It Free To Get Dragon Raja Sea Apk Obb Download?

Yes, the latest of Gaming Apk file and OBB Data can be easily obtained from here with one click. Simply drag those files inside Android Folder and enjoy smooth gameplay.

Can Android Gamers Download Apk OBB From Google Play Store?

Yes, the latest version of gaming App can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store for free. However, the Android gamers can also download gaming Apk OBB Files from here too.


Dragon Raja Sea Apk is a wonderful role-playing game with stunning graphics, an extensive world to roam around, a friend in the form of Baifern, and career options to choose from. After this there begins the journey of saving the human race and planet. You are here on a mission.

Get ready for the contest between evil and priceless human life. Are you ready for it?

To find out just download the latest version on your Android smartphone or device. Click on the link given below to start the download.

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