Enif TV: All You Need to Know [2022]

The drama as a form of expression art is one of the most common and chief source of entertainment for the greater audiences of the world. We are talking about Enif TV and it is something relevant to this form of entertainment.

The South Asian audience has an alacrity for the soap opera and this is why after the films, it is TV dramas and serials that make up the most go-to form of entertainment sources.

This is why a growing industry of this mini-screen entertainment across the region churns out series on various social, cultural, and other topics.

At the same time, in this era of globalization. We are exposed to the cultural ideals of other regions. In fact, the human of today is a combination of many cultures most of which are geographically and physically removed from him/her.

One such way of cultural influence is the availability of entertainment content from across the planet. Internationally, there quite a few sources of drama products that can hook the audience from various regions of the world. One such example is the Turkish Drama Industry.

What is Enif TV

This is a YouTube Channel based in Dubai and it aims to bring you the best content from various industries across the planet. This channel has been launched to produce some of the amazing video content for viewers in Hindi and Urdu.

This includes translations of great forms of work from various regions for the Urdu and Hindi speaking audience.

You can access these at any time and place without having to pay a subscription charge to the channel. So if you are looking for Urdu or Hindi dubbed Kurulus Osman Episodes or a fan of Urdu/Hindi dubbed Ertugrul Ghazi. You can watch all of that in the format of your choice.

The best thing about YouTube is that you can access the content on your mobile phone or at the same time connect to your Android TV and watch it on a bigger screen with your family and friends.

Whether you are spending the weekend at home or are commuting between your work and home. You can connect to the internet and start watching from where you left last time.

Especially, if you are thinking of starting to watch the Osman Ghazi Turkish serial. This is the channel you should follow. You can get all the episodes sequenced for you. Dubbed in Hindi and Urdu languages with the proper sound effects, you won’t miss a beat here.

Alternatives to Enif TV

If you are wonder about the alternatives to this Enif TV YouTube channel. Then keep on reading. Here we will give you the details of other sources to enjoy the Turkish and other content dubbed in Hindi and Urdu. You can use your mobile phone, laptop, or personal computer to enjoy these engaging drama serials.

PTV Home

This is the entertainment wing of Pakistan Television Network. The official broadcaster of the country is credited with starting a storm of craze for these seasons with the introduction of Diliris Ertugrul rebranded as Ertugrul Ghazi.

It airs the Urdu dubbed version that the Hindi viewers can also enjoy without any difficulty.

YouTube: TRT Ertugrul by PTV

If you don’t want to watch the drama on the television for any reason. Then there are other options to explore as well. You can go to YouTube: TRT Ertugul by PTV.

This is the official channel for airing the episodes of Ertugrul drama in the dubbed version. You can start from any episode and pause and leave anytime to come back again.

Urdu/Hind Dramas on Android Mobile

The other options are for mobile users. If you have an Android mobile phone then here are the best alternatives to Enif TV.

Then you can install several applications that will give you direct access to the Turkish dubbed serials in the local languages. These include Abbasi TV Apk, iFilms App, and Makki TV.

You can explore more about these applications and download the APK file with a single tap. Then you can enjoy Turkish dramas on Android phones anywhere at any time.


Enif TV is the latest addition to the online sources from where you can enjoy the dramas and other showbiz content from across the world. Here, these episodes are dubbed for you in Hindi and Urdu. All you need is an internet connection and a device to access the channel.