Eroot Apk Download For Android [Latest Updated]

When we try to Root an android then so many questions suddenly rises in our mind. Most commonly these questions hit our mind that how we can Root our phone? Or what we can do with Rooted Android Smartphones.

Therefore, in today’s , I have shared an amazing and instant Root Application called “eroot” Apk.

I have provided the latest Apk file that you can install on your mobiles to easily remove manufacturer’s restrictions on your phone’s usage by Rooting.

So in the next paragraphs, I will share the basic details about the “Eroot” so it will make it easy for you guys to use it on your mobiles. As it is a very sensitive process and takes high risks therefore, I recommend you to read the article before going to get the app or use.

About Eroot

It is a tool that is developed by a Chinese firm mainly available in the Chinese language. Therefore, it may be a little bit difficult for non-native users. But don’t worry about that because it is a one-click rooting app that allows you to complete the process instantly.

Furthermore, that one-click button is also available in the English language, which makes it easier for you to identify it.

They have initially launched the software for PCs where users of android were supposed to Root their phones via PCs.

But fortunately, it is now available for your smartphones and tablets so you can easily do that process from your phones directly. Which is now very helpful for saving our time and energy.

Details of APK

Size12.55 MB
Required Android4.2 and Up

What Devices are Compatible for Eroot App?

Before going to get an application that is necessary to know about the compatibility of that App.

Therefore, I have figured out those devices here in this paragraph, which are following, Sony Xperia Arcs, Neo, NeoV, NeoL, Mini, Mini Pro, Active and Xperia Pro. Furthermore, there is a huge chance that developers will add more devices.

What is rooting?

Before going to root any Android mobile it is important to know that what it is and why are you doing it. Therefore, I have tried to address these questions here in this article hoping it will be helpful for you.

It is a process that removes all the limitations that contain you from accessing your phone deeply. Those limitations are mainly imposed by the manufacturer of that device due to security or other reasons.

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Further those restrictions contain you from deleting system apps or does not allows you to install your desired apps. Therefore, that process allows you to own your phone with full authorization. Wherein you are free to use your mobile according to your choice.

What can you do with a Rooted Phone?

You can do a lot of useful things with a rooted mobile, for example, you can upgrade the Android version that cannot be possible with a non-rooted device. Furthermore, you can install any kind of restricted app that you love to use such as Zanti, WiFi Kill, WiFi hack and many others.

Moreover, you can delete useless applications from the system which have no sense to be available on your phone. You can do much more than that so install the app if you want to enjoy all the features of your smartphone.

What are the Disadvantages of Rooting Android?

However, apart from the benefits, there are some disadvantages too which are necessary to share with you guys. The first thing you should worry about that is voiding the warranty of your phone so in case of any damage to your phone, you cannot claim the warranty.

Secondly, it is risky to flash custom kernels and radios because that can brick your phone very easily. However, if you do the process carefully then you can avoid such risks.

Furthermore, there are so many other disadvantages but I have tried to share basic things so you can make your mind before going for Rooting.

How to Root Android Phone Manually with Eroot?

You can Root your smartphones or tablet via PCs manually by using the Eroot Software for PCs. In order to do that just follow the below instructions.

  • Install the drivers called “ADB” on your PC before going to connect the phone with PC.
  • Enable the USB debugging by going into the device’s settings.
  • Then go to Settings>security and enable the Unknown Sources.
  • Then connect your phone with your PC through USB cable.
  • Then launch the App of Eroot and click on the Root button.
  • Wait for a few minutes and do not use your phone while in the rooting process.

Basic Features of Eroot

  • It is free to download and use.
  • It has a very simple and user-friendly interface as well as layout.
  • Provides you with instant action.
  • Faster than any other such tool
  • And much more.
Basic Requirements for Eroot
  • The app is only compatible with above-mentioned devices.
  • You need to have a fully charged device.
  • You need to back up all the important data on your phone.

If you have made your mind to install the Eroot then go for the download button and tap/click on it to get the tool.

How to Unroot Device?  

Although this is not a relevant topic in case if you get stuck after utilizing the Eroot or any other Rooting App. Therefore, if you are no longer in the mood to use a rooted device or there is no need for that then you can easily unroot your phone with a simple step.


There is an App called SuperSU that can help you to do that so by installing it on your phone. You only need to do that by taping/clicking that Unroot button available in the app.

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