FIFA 11 Apk and OBB For Android

In today’s article, we are going to discuss a soccer video game for Android. You might have guessed from the title of this article that I am talking about the FIFA 11 Apk for Android mobile phones. We’ll discuss whether you can download the game on your Android smartphones and tablets or not.

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If you want to find soccer games nowadays’, then there are hundreds of such games for Android mobile phones. Because Android OS is one of the most used Operating System across the globe. However, FIFA 2011 is rare and you can hardly find the game app for Android but it is available for PC or Windows.

However, in today’s article, I will introduce you to the game and you will also get some extra information on the download links for the package file of that game. So, don’t skip this review and give a read to this whole article to know how and where you can get that video game also for Android phones.

FIFA 11 Apk For Android Review

I think there is no need to explain what this game is about and how you can play it. But still, I am going to put a light on some of its basic features as well as the gameplay. Because it is really important to discuss the Gameplay of FIFA 11 Apk for Android. Otherwise, you may face some issues while playing it on your Android smartphones and tablets.

FIFA Soccer 11 is the name that people of North America use to call for FIFA 2011. However, this is one of the oldest videos games so far that is still played by millions of fans all over the world. But mostly this played in North America and European countries. Even it is also famous all over the Asia region.

Screenshot of FIFA 11 Apk

This gaming platform was initially launched for Windows or in other words for PCs and laptops. This is developed by EA Canada in 2010. However, at that time it was not available for Android smartphones and tablets. But after a few years, it has been modded by some independent developers and made available for Android mobile phones too.

So, basically, the app I am talking about here is not an official version rather it is a modified shape of that PC version. But still, fans can enjoy those same features and the same gameplay on their Android smartphones and tablets. It gives you a better and realistic soccer environment on your phone so, which makes it more attractive.

The Gameplay

The gameplay is the same as its other editions. So, you are supposed to play soccer matches, tournaments, and leagues. You can simply select a team and then practice with them to make your skills perfect. However, before all that you need, you need to select some players, customize their costumes such as jersey, footwear, and many more.

Moreover, there you can have licensed players from all the countries that have soccer teams. You can have licensed leagues and championships to play in. It is providing the next generation gameplay for the fans. So, that makes it easier and simple for the player to control the game.

How to Download FIFA Soccer 11 Apk For Android?

I should have used the question Can I download the FIFA 2011 Apk For Android or not rather than how to download that for Android. But most people search in Google with that keyword. Therefore, I have decided to share real and actual information with them. So, they can easily find the real answer once they search that question on Google.

Basically, this gaming application is available for some limited devices such as PCs or Windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, PS2, and PSP. So, these are the only compatible devices where you can play the gaming app. So, you cannot download the FIFA 11 Apk for Android Mobile phones.

Screenshot of FIFA 11 Apk OBB

However, a couple of years ago there was a modified version of the game for Android mobile phones. But there you might need to install its ISO files and some other important apps. But now it does not exist and you cannot find that on the internet.

So, therefore, this is not available for Android mobile phones. But there are so many websites that are giving you fake and spam links that do not work. So, rather than wasting your time on those useless and spam download links, you should play PES 14 Apk or you can also try PES 12 Apk. Because those are quite similar to the FIFA Soccer 11.

Key Features

Although it is not available for Android phones, still there are so many interesting features that you want to know about. So, here below you can read the following features of the FIFA 11 Latest Update.

  • It is offering a Next Generation Gameplay.
  • You can participate in the FIFA Championship.
  • Pro Passing for limited devices.
  • Creation Centre for limited OS devices.
  • Street Soccer Game mode.
  • You can now become a Goalkeeper to save goals.
  • Now it supports 360° dribbling.
  • A Few more.


I have shared this precise review to let you know that FIFA 11 Apk For Android is not available for Android smartphones and tablets. So, you should not get yourself trapped in to fake claims or download links that third-party websites are sharing on internet.

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