Fit AS Apk 2023 Download For Android [Updated]

Today we will be discussing a topic relevant to fitness as well as a game which is quite famous a few years ago. I have shared an app known as “Fit AS” for Android mobile phones and tablets.

It is a very amazing application that people can use on their phones. Furthermore, it is a useful and powerful application that requires and functions through your GPS connection.

So, in today’s article, I will share the basic information about the application that is going to download from this post. I have shared the latest version of the app here if you need the old version you can request that in the comment section, and we will also provide that.

But the reason for sharing the new versions only is to provide the application that works and offers all the features. Further, sometime old versions do not work on phones.

However, if you still need the previous version of this application or game on our website then you can ask for that in the comments or through the mail.

I will tell you what this is about and how you can use it or how it works. Therefore, I recommend you to read this article till the end so you don’t miss any important information.

About Fi Tas Apk

Today I shared the Fit As Apk for Android but its official name is FitAS. It is also available on Play Store. But for your convenience, we have shared it here. It is an App which can be used for fitness purposes.

While walking or running you need to have a log history to check out how much time you have walked.

But as you know that it is quite impossible for us to carry heavy and huge electronic gadgets to track that. Therefore, you can only have the option to carry Smartphones or mobile phones. That is why you can install this app on your phone and just track your workout.

This amazing application was launched on 25 December 2018 for Android devices. It was offered and developed by HypEarth. Since then its launch has crossed fifty thousand downloads.

Details of APK

NameFit AS
Size3 MB
Required Android5.0 and Up
CategoryApps Health & Fitness

Key Features of The Apk

  • The Android app is completely free to download from here.
  • Installing the app assists users maintaining peak work performance.
  • Even helping maintain physical and mental well-being.
  • The app also display distance in miles and exercise speed and duration.
  • Android users can easily record short exercise breaks at work.
  • The Android home screen for preset speed distance time activity.
  • In addition, the walking or running activity will also displayed here.
  • Two slider controls allow exercise speed and duration.
  • Record plus display exercise activity.
  • The tool is considered essential for maintaining peak work performance.
  • Moreover, it helps get peak performance by displaying regular breaks from desk work.
  • Secured implicit internal intent.
  • The app is developed to easily record short exercise breaks at work and also offer fitness history.

FitAs Pokémon Go

According to many people who used the app on their phones have also shared their experience of Fitas Pokémon Go.

It actually means that you can use the FIT AS Apk for this one of the most famous online games Pokémon. Basically, this feature of Fit AS lets players to connect the game and read the steps data from it.

So, you can say that it actually synchronizes the data between the applications on your phones. However, there are so many other health-related applications that you can use to synchronize steps with Pokémon.

But people are currently admiring this application for that purpose that is why I also recommend you to download this for your mobiles.

Screenshots of The App

Screenshot Fit AS
Screenshot Fit AS Apk

How To Use Fit AS App for Pokémon Go?

FIT AS App is a very interesting tool with multi-functional capabilities. On the one side, you can use it for your health and workout. Whereas on the other side, you can use it for synchronization with the game.

So, those who don’t know how they can use it with the game can check this step-by-step guide. I hope it will help you to use it properly.

  • First of all, download and install the Fit AS App.
  • Then launch the FITAS and start a new workout with the Google Fit App.
  • Then launch this application that I have shared in this article.
  • Now, click on the Stop button.
  • It will now show the message of a Small amount of KM but you will have to keep workout.
  • You are done.
  • You can also find other methods for that as there are so many other ways to synchronize the game with this app.
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is Android App Free To Download From Here?

    Yes, the latest version of application is completely free to download from here.

  2. Is It Safe To Install The Apk File?

    Yes, the Android application is safe and secure to install and use.

  3. Can Android Users Download App From Google Play Store?

    Yes, the Mobile App is also available to download from Play Store.


There you can have more choices in the market for the same purpose. But I still recommend you to get this one because it is a free app and you can use it for free of cost.

Therefore, Download the latest version of Fit AS Apk for Android. Click on below download button and it will start storing the Apk file on your device when it will be done then install it.

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