Focos Apk Download For Android [Latest Update]

Today we brought something new for android users which not only help them in terms of photo editing. But also benefits them in saving time and money. Yes, we are talking about Focos Apk which is an editing tool particularly developed focusing photographers.

Nowadays everyone is instructed to stay inside their home premises and they have no other activity but stay inside their houses. In this situation, you have the opportunity to gather your old pictures of your friends and family members. And give them new appearance using this tool which is free to download.

Though this is a professional tool which means it provides more advance options than other simple editing tools. Such android users who have different channels or fan pages over different Social Media Platforms can use this tool as backbone editor.

Yeah, you heard us right because such online earners are continuously searching such kind of Apk Files which not only offer professional editing. But also work as a portable modifier means installing this tool will enable the user to edit images as they do the same over a computer.

And everyone knows that it is not possible to move your personal computer everywhere. Considering this problem developers structured this portable editor for android users. The latest version download link is provided on our website to download.

What is Focos Apk

The modern world is booming unpredictably and to adjust ourselves with this change. It required an advance tool through which mobile users can take these changes as a challenge. And Focos App Apk is also counted among those important tools.

Actually, it is an android tool which is developed by focusing on user requirements. We can assure the android users that this image modifier is one of the advanced and top-notch Apk File. Which bring breathtaking effects inside images.

Thus the main objective of developing this tool is to assist mobile users who need to travel far-flung areas. To get breathtaking landscape pictures of wildlife and nature.

Details of APK

NameFocos Focosrama
Size29.0 MB
DeveloperVoc Rama
Required Android4.1 and Plus

It is not possible to bring a computer or laptop in such places. But installing this app will never remind of your computer for editing.

Consider user interest smart image focus feature is integrated inside the app. Through which the user can focus the selected part easily. What he/she needs to do is draw aline around the area and it will automatically sense the selected area which you wanted to focus most.

Apart from these features, the blur background image is the most liked feature by Android users. Where the user can give a different style of blurs like Professional DSLR Camera. Moreover, the move motion sensor is added inside the app to sense the area which you want to blur.

Key Features of The App

You may find different unique features inside this Apk File. And it is not possible to mention all those options here. But considering user assistance we manage to write some of its main features down here.

  • The app is free to download and easy to operate.
  • Smart Area Selection feature where the user is enabled is to select the specific part which he/she want to focus.
  • Most of the user like this Background Blur features where the app will automatically the blurs the background.
  • Different filters and layers are available to use which help user giving dashing effect to images.
  • Now users have access to Easy Share feature where different Social Media Counters are ready to share your content across different platforms.

Screenshots of The App

How to Download and Use App

Android users who are searching for professional photo editing tools which offer free premium features. We suggest such users to download the latest version of Focos Apk from our website. The download is provided inside an article.

Once you are done with downloading, go to mobile internal storage section and locate the Apk File. Initiate the installation process and when the installation completes, visit mobile menu and launch the app. And it’s done.


Out there you may find similar Apk Tools which offers similar features. But those tools offer these options over monthly subscription plan means you need to pay a fee monthly. But installing Focos Apk all these premium features will be free to utilize.  

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