FRANMOZA INJECTOR APK Download for Android [Mobile Legends]

FRANMOZA INJECTOR is now available for the Mobile Legends Bang Bang players. In this game of battle, the looks matter more than anything else. That is why we have brought this new app for you.

The avatars and the looks of the items and objects in the gameplay are customizable in the epic game of ML. For that reason, most of the players like it more than other games in the same realm. This customization option however comes at a cost and is not available for free.

However, with this hack tool, you can get a lot of options. Download the latest version for free from our website and install it on your Android mobile phone or tablet, whatever you use to play this awesome game. Down here we have described what you can do and how to do it.


This is a hack tool for the player of the game of Mobile Legends, for that reason, it is also given the name FRANMOZA INJECTOR ML.

The Mobile Legends Bang Bang or MLBB is a battle game. Here you pick your heroes and fight with your opponents till one party or group subdues the other. The gameplay is designed in a way that provides a lot of room for customization. Be it the characters, tools, equipment, background, or any other aspect.

For this reason, Bang Bang is differentiated from other games of this type. Since it is the defining feature, most of these customizations and personalization options of different aspects come with a price tag. To look different among the millions of the players on the platform, you need to do something right?

There is an extensive variety of each item. Such as tens of skin types for assassins, marksman, tank, mage, and others. Select a battle emote, switch the background from one form to another, or enjoy an all drone view. For all that you will have to pay.

If you cannot afford the paid for items, then tools like FRANMOZA ML INJECTOR come to your help. Using this tool you can transform your appearance, your items, and lot more for free.

This Injector is a real gift to you if you cannot afford to purchase the items. Due to its expansive options and enormous choices that a user can make, it has become the most in-demand tool.

On the one hand, it lets you enjoy things for free, while on the other hand, it is worth remembering that it is a cheat tool. Such programs are not encouraged by the game management and if get caught, the player might face a lifetime ban.

So if you still insist on using it. The better way is to employ a VPN or use a guest account. This will make sure your original identity is safe.

Apk Details

Size4.96 MB
Package Namecom.injectorml
Required Android5.0 and Above
CategoryApps Tools


Once you get the FRANMOZA INJECTOR APK on your Android smartphone, there is a long list of hacks and cheats that you can deploy in the gameplay and get to enjoy a unique and different gaming experience from others.

This app is not just helpful in customizing the looks. It gives you extra powers to enjoy an upper hand in the gameplay. The following are the major properties of this mobile app.

  • All Drone View
  • Unlock all the Skins
  • Change the Background
  • Game border
  • Choose battle emote
  • Change Analogue
  • Make effect recall
  • Dedicated Skin hero manager

Each menu will take you to a long list of sub-menus that will elaborate on the further hacks.


Surely, this is an app that nobody would like to miss. To download and install the FRANMOZA ML INJECTOR, you will have to follow a few steps. Here we will detail the complete process from start to end in a step by step sequence. All you need to do is follow the proper sequence and that is all.

  1. You will have to tap the “Download APK” button given at the end of this article. This will start the process of download for you.
  2. Then go to the Security settings of your Android device and allow installations from Unknown Sources. This will allow for installing third-party apps.
  3. If the download is complete, go to the device storage and locate the “FRANMOZA INJECTOR APK”.
  4. Once you locate it, tap on it and press “OK” a couple of times. This will complete the process of installation.

Now you can move to the smartphone screen and locate the app icon. When located, tap on it to open the application. You can start playing the game immediately.


 Once the hack app is installed on your smartphone, there is one more step to access the app. You need to be able to use it. So, we have shared the password for you. Type it in the box given on the app as it is.

 Password: Franmoza


Once the app is installed on your Android Smartphone, tap to open it. This will start the application. You will be prompted for the password. Just put the one we have mentioned for you. This will unlock the hack tool.

Now if it is skins you are looking for, go to that section and tap the tab. Then you will be taken to the download section. When the process is complete you can implement that skin in the gameplay with just a tap of your finger.

App Screenshots

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FRANMOZA INJECTOR is a cheat tool designed especially for the game of Mobile Legends. Customize the avatar, tools, and equipment or change the background. It brings you a whole long list of choices. Grab the hacks now by tapping on the link given below.