Free Fire Download 2022 in Jio Phone [100% Working]

Owning a Jio phone has many advantages. If you are a game enthusiast here we have an amazing app for you. In this article, we will discuss Free Fire Download in Jio phone.

If you have a Jio mobile phone and want to enjoy the amazing shooting game of Free Fire in it, stick with us.

There are many shooting games on the internet specifically made for mobile phones. Yet all do not catch the interest of players. Free fire is a different thing. It has become one of the famous games that have seen millions of downloads since its launch.

Free Fire in Jio mobile?

Getting the Battle Game on your Jio phone is very easy. Here is how you can go for Free Fire download in Jio phone. It is available for Apple and Android users on their respective platforms. You can go to the play store and perform Free Fire App download in Jio phone.

Tap on the icon and start enjoying the struggle for ultimate survival on your Jio.

If you are facing some problem or don’t know how to proceed. Don’t worry. We have all the details that will take you through the process step by step to Garena Free Fire download in Jio phone Apk.

Just follow these few simple steps on your smartphone.

  1. Go to the menu and open an internet browser. It could be the default one, or you can choose a different one installed on your phone.
  2. In the next step type ”˜Playstore’ and tap on the search button to proceed further.
  3. The search interface will show you all the options. Go for Google play store. Which should be on the top.
  4. Now the play store opens on your Jio phone, search for Free Fire.
  5. Tap on the top result which will show you Garena: Free Fire.
  6. Now, tap on the install button and get your app on your phone.
  7. This is how to download Free Fire in Jio phone. Now you can enjoy the game.

What is Garena Free Fire?

It is a shoot for survival game where players are pitted against one another on a remote island for thrilling ten long minutes. The player is parachuted over the island.

Once out of the plane, the player must touch the ground in a safe zone and stay in the zone for as long as possible. Here one has to be the ultimate survival at the end of the game, to come out as victorious.

With amazing graphics and realistic gameplay, it has become a sensation. Everybody is playing the game. And if you don’t have it, it means you are missing out on something amazing.

Once the game comes to your Jio smartphone, you can go in as a lone-wolf or make a group of up to four by joining hands with your friends. Get your hands on the latest weapons, neutralize your enemies, and keep in the limits of the safe zone. The game is all excitement from start to end.

If you have a Jio Mobile phone download the Free Fire app and enjoy it. Here you can use vehicles, tools, guns, and go on a strike and kill mission to end up as the winner among the fifty participants.

What to do if it does not work?

If the above method for free fire download in Jio phone is not working. Here is the list of steps you should perform.

Actually, the specs requirement for playing Garena Free Fire includes a decent processor, a minimum of 2 GB of RAM, and at least 1.0 GB free space on the smartphone. The current processor in Jio is SPRD 9820A / QC8905, which does not support games with heavy graphics demand.

But still, you can enjoy the game. To make your phone run this awesome game. Go through the following steps.

Multiple processes are taking place on your phone in the background that might take the vital RAM resources and occupy the processor.

Before you start the game kill all the apps that are running in the background on your Jio phone. These might include your recent visited apps or online apps that constantly keep the mobile busy and it faces a lag.

To avoid lag on your phone, switch all the apps off that might be taking your mobile data. This will help you overcome the lag faced by mobile.

To enjoy the game without any interference, make sure at least 10 percent of storage on your mobile is free. This can be achieved by deleting the duplicate files, apps that you don’t user currently, and video and picture media.


In this article we have explained for you the process for free fire download in Jio phone. As the people using all mobile phones are enjoying it, such as apple and Android users. You can get it the Garena Free Fire as well if you have a Jio phone. We have given all the steps in the body.