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FreeStore Apk is an alternative Android App Store that provides paid Apps for free to its users. The Freestore app itself is free to download and use. But it can be available on unofficial sources because this App violates the rules of Play Store or Google Play Store.

That is why App is not available at the Play Store. However, Android users can get this ‘FreeStore Apk’ from our website right in this Article.

About FreeStore

Play Store and other Android App Stores upload tons of Android Apps and Games every day. Some of them have good quality and useful that deserve users’ appreciation and we must admire them. But some of them are not, even sometimes such apps or games are harmful to our Android devices.

Therefore, we usually do not recommend users to download or install such useless or harmful apps. However, not all the free Apps and games are harmful like we have “FreeStore Apk”. That is providing paid apps for free that does not harm your devices.

But it is unethical to use such sources because developers put their huge effort into developing apps and games so they deserve to get paid. However, despite that, if any android user wants to download this app then he or she can download it from our website lusogamer in this article.

When we talk about the quality Android Apps or Games then we must know that it took a lot of effort to develop such Applications.

So if someone develops something creative then he or she deserves a reward for that. Therefore, they charge money for some of the most efficient and useful Applications.

More importantly, everyone takes charge of their services and it is not possible to provide something for free. Because we all need money for living. However, not all the Paid Apps have good quality or are efficient but I must say most of them are good.

FreeStore Apk Download

Here in this article, we are providing you with an Android application that provides Paid Android Apps and Games for Free without charging a single penny. However, we don’t know how they get those paid apps and provide free to their users.

But we only know that the app provides Paid Apps for free and this is 100% real because millions of Android users across the globe using this incredible App.

We are not recommending anyone to use this app as it is unethical to use such Android apps. However, you are not going to land into jail or for using this app.

Because tons of such sources available for Android devices that provide such services so using this app is not going to put you in legal trouble and you may use it.

If you are interested in downloading Free Store Apk. Then you can download it from our website as we have provided the latest version of FreeStore Apk.   

What is FreeStore Apk

Free Store Apk is an unofficial Android App store that provides all kind of android apps and games such as premium as well as free. But the best thing about the app is that it offers you to download premium or paid apps for free.

As I have already mentioned that Free Store Application is not available on Play Store or on other Android official App Stores. Therefore, this app can be download from our website or from other unofficial Stores.

Why Use Free Store (FreeStore) Apk

This is one of the most prominent questions that might arise in the mind of a user before downloading the app. So, therefore, it is necessary to address this question in this paragraph.

As I have mentioned in the above paragraphs that this is an unofficial Android App store that provides you with premium apps and games for free. Which is one of the most important reasons for any Android user to download this App?

However, users may be worried that if they download this app then they will face any legal issue? so for those users, I must say that this app is not going to make you land into jail.

Also, you are not going to face any legal issue because in such a case the owners or developers of this app will be responsible for all the trouble.

Another reason for using this incredible Android app is that it provides an interactive user-friendly interface.

Furthermore, you are not going to see irritating ads that are the most common issue in unofficial Android Market Applications. There are many other reasons to download or use the FreeStore App on your Android Smartphones or other android devices.

How to Get Freestore Apk

Questions come in your mind when you see that Free Store Application is violating the rules and regulations of Play Store or Google Play by providing premium Apps for free.

Then this will not be available on the Play Store. So, you are right and Free Store Apk is not available on any Android official App Store.

However, you guys do not need to worry about this because the App is available on our website and is free to download and use. Because we provide every kind of Android Apps and games which are useful for all the Android users.

Is FreeStore App is Safe

This is obvious that before going to download any android app or game you think many times whether this app is safe or secure to download for your Android device.

Therefore, it is important to mention here that across the globe thousands of Android users using this app without facing any security issue.

Free Store is a virus-free App and is not harmful to your devices. So you can download it without any hesitation. However, we cannot give you a guarantee on behalf of the app and we are just sharing the user experience with you.

Because we are not the developers of the Free Store app neither we owe this app. We only provide Android Apps and games on our Website and do not have any affiliation with any app or game developing company or any individual Android developer.

Features of Free Store App

  • You can get Premium or Paid Apps for free.
  • Download thousands of Android apps and games.
  • High speed downloading.
  • It is a safe and virus free app.
  • It has an interactive and user-friendly interface.
  • Free to download the app and use it.
  • It is a very light app that consumes less space and battery of your android device.  
  • It does not require Root.
Requirements for Free Store Apk
  • Free Store App is compatible with Android 2.2 and up devices.
  • Requires 4.7 MB space in storage as well as on Ram.
  • It free so no Payments required.
  • No registration required to use the app, unlike the Play Store.
About Free Store Apk
  • Name of the App is Free Store or you can search it by FreeStore App.
  • Apk File size of the app is 4.7 MB.
  • Updated Free Store Apk.
  • This is the Latest Free Store Apk available on our website.


After reading the details of Latest FreeStore Apk if you have made your mind download the app then just Click/Tap on the download button right below and install it by opening the downloaded Apk file from the device’s storage.

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