GameLoop Banned in India: Find out the Reality Here [2022]

Have you heard of the GameLoop banned in India? Here we will reveal all that is true and you must know details related to this topic.

Are you a mobile game enthusiast? If the answer is yes, you must already be familiar with this awesome application called GameLoop. We love games, we even love playing them on our phones.

But what we would call it when we are enabled to play our favorite mobile games on the Personal computer or laptop? We would be in super crazy love.

There are a lot of software available which convert your PC into a mobile interface. This enables you to play games directly on the big screen. The same entertainment enlarged on a bigger scale. So what it has to do with the question is GameLoop banned in India? Find out here.

GameLoop Banned in India?

It is an emulator for your PC. The purpose of an emulator is to let you run the mobile run software on the larger personal computers. This particular emulator is famous among the gaming freaks.

Since around 59 China made or run mobile applications have been banned in the Republic of India, among some of the very famous like Helo, TikTok, CamScanner, etc. the people are asking is the GameLoop banned in India too.

Is GameLoop Chinese?

The company that runs the online website and the software itself is a company that is a subsidiary of the Tencent Games, a giant technological company.

This Personal computer game downloader was introduced around two years ago in 2018. The purpose was to enable PC users to enjoy mobile phone games on their computer devices easily.

Among the list of 59 apps that have been banned in India include names like SHAREit, Helo, Nimbuzz, Voo, Kikoo, WeChat, QQ, Qzone. All of these have one thing in common, and that is they are owned by Tencent. Luckily, for the game players in the country, the site of the above-mentioned app is accessible as we write this article.

So what is the fate of this software? Since it is too owned by a Chinese company is a ban on GameLoop in place or imminent in the near future?

Is GameLoop Banned in India?

This famous game emulator has a wide user base across the world and it is not just limited to China. The sphere of fame also includes India. Games like PUBG and Free Fire can be transferred to the laptop or other computer devices using this amazing emulator.

With this application, you can convert your computer to a running mobile phone and do what you normally do on your mobile phone. This includes a smooth gaming experience on platforms like PUBG and more.

Such a useful app is naturally loved by people from across geographical regions and political entities. The announcement of the ban on chines apps by the Government of India sent the users and followers of this app into a state of gloom.

They anticipated it to stop working as well just like other apps. But the good news is that the app is still working fine across the length and breadth of India. The government has not listed this app in for a prospective ban.


The news of GameLoop banned in India is not founded on facts. It is not listed in the potential 59 apps that were taken away from the users of the country in the wake of the ban.

You can use it to play games or perform any other activity from any place in India. And this status is not going to change if or until the list is updated. Which is not likely to happen soon.