Top 5 Weapons Garena Free Fire [Best FF Guns]

Hello FF players, we are here with the special information for you all. If you want to be a professional gamer, then you should know about the Top 5 Weapons Garena Free Fire. These guns provide players to get the best features and services for survival and you can have the best gaming experience.

Online Android Gaming is one of the most popular gaming platforms all over the globe. There is a wide number of games available in the market, but Garena FF is one of the top games in the market. There are tons of amazing features available in the game, which we are going to share.

What is Garena FF?

Free Fire is an Android gaming application, which offers a multiplayer online gaming platform for players to play and enjoy. It provides the best action-based gameplay for the players to play and enjoy. There are different modes available, in which users can play.

So, one of the most popular modes of the game is Royal Battle, in which all the players are dropped on an Isolated. The main target is to eliminate as many opponents as possible and be the last man standing. The only last man or team standing will be declared winners.

There are different items available for the users, which players can use to survive the battle. So, one of the most important items of the game is weapons. There is a wide number of weapons available for the users, through which you can take out opponents.

Due to a high number of weapons, players usually have trouble finding a good weapon. So, we are here with some of the Finest Weapons Free Fire, with whom you can easily take down the opponents. If you want to know more about it, then stay with us,

Top 5 Weapons Garena Free Fire

There are wide collections of powerful weapons available for the users, but we are here with the Top 5 Weapons Garena Free Fire for you all. So, these guns provide players with easy access to kill all the opponents as fast as possible.


If you are in fighting in a short-range, then MP40 is the best gun for the users. The MP40 provides the fastest firing speed, through which anyone can easily knock opponents. The gun is provided amazing results in short range.

The players, who are not good at taking headshots also use this submachine gun. It will easily create high damage in the short-range. The reloading speed is also fast, through which you can easily reload your gun in no time.


M1014 is the best shotgun of the game, which provides the highest damage in short-range battles. The shotgun has six bullets and each shot creates 94 percent of damage in the opponents. So, with accurate two shots in the head of opponents will be on the ground.

The Shotgun isn’t good for long-range, which means if you want to use this weapon, then you have to get close to the target as possible. The accuracy is also important and you have to target the head most of the time and take the shot.


AWM is one of the most popular sniper rifles on lots of online gaming platforms. Although I don’t usually snipe, which is one of the reasons, I don’t like this weapon. It is quite rare to find this rifle in the battle. If you want to get this gun, then you have to find it in airdrops.

It offers the highest damage rate, with the longest range. If you take an accurate shot, then you can easily take down the opponent in a single shot. But it isn’t good for the shot range battle. The reloading is also slow and takes time.


If you want to be good in face-to-face combat, then M1887 is the best shotgun. It provides 100 percent damage in a single shot. So, you can easily take down the opponents in a single shot. It has only two bullets but provides high-speed reloading services.

Players might face problems in using it until they get compatible with it. Due to a low number of rounds, you have to accurate at the opponent’s head. If you missed both of the bullets, then you will be in big trouble. But if one of the bullets will connect with the head, then the opponent will be knocked.


There are people, who love to fire endless rounds of bullets. If you are one of them, then the m60 is the best weapon for you. It has provides 60 rounds of bullets for the players, which you can shot without a stop. So, anyone will be down in front of you.

All the factors of the gun are normal, which means you, can use it in short-range and also in long-range fights. Although, the reloading takes some time for the users. So, if you are between a fight, then you will have a disadvantage.

There are tons of Best Free Fire Guns, through which you can easily take down the opponents. Use all the available guns of the game, in which you will find something compatible with your gameplay.

Different players are compatible with different items, but the above five are monsters in the hand of any good player. So, start playing the game and soon you will be one of the best players in the game and other players will love to play with you.

Final Words

We shared the Top 5 Weapons Garena Free Fire with you all, but the more you play you will get more compatible. So, start playing and enjoy your free time on the platform. If you want to get more related content, then keep visiting our Website.

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