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If you want to improve your gaming skills or to enhance your gaming experience then there is an application for you. “Gaming Mode Pro Apk” is that app which gives you better and convenient gaming on your Android smartphones and tablets.

This application is only available for those mobile phones which are running on the Android operating system.

About Gaming Mode Pro

It is developed and offered by the Zappcues which they launched on 5 February 2019. This is a recently launched Application but it has more than one lack of downloads on the Play Store so you can imagine how useful and famous it is.  

This not only gives you smoother gaming experience but also it is compatible with other applications such as Netflix, MX Player, VLC Player, and many other videos playing Apps.

In order to run it on your phone, you have to configure its settings with your devices.

The best part of this is that you can restore the previous settings for any game that you have deleted from your phone. I have tried it on my phone and I found it very useful and real, therefore, I have shared it here with you guys.

Details of APK

NameGaming Mode Pro
Size6.12 MB
Required Android5.0 and Up

Blocks Calls and Notifications

This is so irritating when you are playing any game or watching any video or movie on your phone but suddenly you receive any call or notification. Therefore, to make you get rid of such a situation this Application is developed. Because it allows you to block all kinds of calls, text messages and other kinds of notifications that you receive from other Apps on your phones.

Adjust Settings of Game

You can adjust settings even from within that game’s settings then why you need this Gaming Mode? You can do that from the internal settings of any application but you cannot restore that setting in the case when you lose or uninstall that specific App or game mistakenly. So, in that case, only this tool can help you to install the settings on which you were used to executing your tasks.

Increase FPS

FPS stands for the Frames per second this term is related to Videography or cinemograph. But here, you can see that most of the games provide you up to 30 and 40 FPS which is quite low. But by using this amazing application you can also increase the FPS of any game up to 60. This helps you to get rid of lag issues.

Game Booster

As I told you that mainly the application is designed for gaming applications, therefore, it helps you to boost your experience. You can score high and you can perform better. Even it helps you to improve your skills within every game that you play on your Android.

How Gaming Mode Pro Works

You don’t need to learn anything to run the app on your smartphones. Because there is a simple method through which you can modify your device’s settings with Gaming Mode Pro Apk. So, just launch the application after installing it on your mobiles then configure the settings according to your choice.

Key Features of Gaming Mode Pro App

Features of any product explain gives us a simple and summarized introduction about that product. Therefore, I have just pointed out some basic or key features here which I have listed in the below section.

  • It automatically rejects all the notifications.
  • You can block all kinds of notifications.
  • It automatically clears up all the background activities such as Apps running in the background that will be shut down.
  • You also change the State of WiFi from the application.
  • You can also customize Volume settings and other media settings.
  • Auto mode allows you to stay relax and let the rest to the app.
  • Customize the widgets on your phones.
  • It can customize the Brightness of your phone according to the environment.
  • And many more.


It is a multi-tasking tool that is available for free of cost and you can download it from our website. I have shared the latest version of the Application at the end of this article from where you can grab the Apk file and install in on your devices.

If you want to Download Gaming Mode Pro Apk for your Android then go ahead and get it with a single tap or click.

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