GFX Tool For Call of Duty Mobile Apk Download For Android

Call of Duty Mobile is an Android FPS video game that has been recently launched in beta version for the mobiles. But this is a beta version of the App and only available for the users of China and India.

It is an ultra-graphical video game that cannot be played on low-end Android devices. That is why I have figured out a solution and that is “GFX Tool For Call of Duty Mobile”.

The GFX Tool for Call of Duty Mobile allows you to play the game on your low-end Android smartphones and tablets. Basically, this GFX App provides the simulated environment for the game to play on your mobiles.

What is GFX Tool?

GFX stands for the Graphic Effects so these tools are developed and intended to customize the graphics settings of any game on androids. This is the most useful application for any Android phones because it enables you to boost the graphics and FPS of video games.

FPS means the ”˜Frames per Second’, so when you use the App for the COD mobile then it will help you to speed up the game.

As you have seen in PUBG that it has multiple options of graphics from low to HD and HDR. But the problem is that you cannot select the options of HD graphics or HDR due to mobile’s capacity.

Because most of the Android phones do not support these high-end graphics. In case, if you can select those options, then you will face either lag issues or the game will hang.

As you know that the COD Mobile is developed by Tencent the same developers of PUBG.

Tencent is a Chinese firm which becomes so famous for its PUBG product just because of its graphics and the whole gameplay.

That is why I am recommending the COD Mobile Beta GFX App for you as it will help you to play in HD graphics without any lag.

Details of APK

NameCall of Duty Mobile GFX Tool
Size3.72 MB
DeveloperParmar Developers
Required Android5.1 and Up

How to improve Graphics of Call of Duty Mobile with GFX Tool?

The Application that I have shared here is universal that you can use on multiple games. Therefore, you can also use it to improve the COD game graphics. So, in this section, I will tell you what kind of options you are going to get in this Application and how you can utilize them.


Here we referring to Video resolution of the game that means the number of pixels displayed in width x height. So, this GFX software supports from 950×540 to 2560×1440 pixels resolution, which covers even the HDR quality video games.

If your game has HD & HDR graphics options, then you can go to resolution option of this GFX Application and set it either on 1920×1080 or 2560×1440.


Here in the tool, there are multiple graphical options from smooth to HDR. So, you can choose your desired option but for that, you will have to select the supportive resolution. For suppose you have selected the HD option in the graphics section, then you will have change or set 1920×1080 pixels resolution.


I have already explained what is FPS. So, here in this section, you have 3 major options 30FPS, 40FPS, and 60FPS. While you are playing the ultra-graphic video games like Call of Duty Beta you will need to set 60FPS. Because this is the highest Frames per seconds rate for any game that will probably help you to make your gameplay faster.

Key Features

There so many features that you can avail from the Application. Here in this article, I have shared some of its features to help you out in finding what you are getting from it.

  • It is free software that you can use on your devices.
  • Play faster without lag.
  • No game hanging issues.
  • In-app purchases are also available.
  • It contains ads.
  • Increase video quality.
  • Increase the accuracy and improve your skills in your own favorite COD.
  • There are more to have, so the only thing you need to do is just install it.  

How to Use GFX tool For Call of Duty Mobile?

Read this below instructions that I have shared in steps to know about its usage.

  1. First of all, download the latest version of the app from our website.
  2. Install it on your phones.
  3. Now launch the application.
  4. Set the graphics according to your choice.
  5. Then set the resolution.
  6. Then FPS.
  7. Now tap/click on Accept.
  8. Then you will see an ad so close it.
  9. Now press the ”˜RUN GAME’.
  10. Close the Application and open the game.
  11. Now go to settings of the game.
  12. Then go to the graphics settings.
  13. Now you are able to select any graphics option such as HD or even HDR.

How to Download and Install GFX tool For Call of Duty Mobile


You can Download Call of Duty Mobile GFX Tool for your Android phones and tablets from our website. It is a very simple and lite Application that you can easily install on your phones.

If you are interested to play Call of Duty Mobile in high HD graphics then this GFX Application is just made for you. The download button is given at the end of the page so tap on it, get it to install and enjoy.


Q 1. What is GFX?

Ans. It stands for the graphics Effects that is mostly used in IT, motion pictures, animations, games and etc.

Q 2. Is GFX tool Legal?

Ans. Yes, it is legal because it does not violate the policies of any game even it helps the game owners to provide a better experience of their product.

Q 3. Is GFX Tool Safe?

Ans. Yes, it is absolutely safe for you and your phone.

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