GL ModXPRO APK Download 2022 for Android [100% Working]

Folk today here we are again with another game hack. It is called GL ModXPRO. If you think PUBG is a game out of your league to become a pro. Maybe, this can help you for sure.

Injectors have become the last resort for many game enthusiasts. Especially, those with the minimum dexterity in the action games. The shooting games on the Android platforms have become most popular with the passage of time and this fame is on the rise.

If you think you should have this app for your Android mobile phone or the tablet here is the way to get it. Download the latest version for free from our site.

What is GL ModXPRO?

This is a game injector for the PUBG shoot for a survival game. If you are a fan of this game, but cannot stay in the arena until the end. What to do in such a situation?

Well, folks, this ESP application has been made for you. It will give you a respite you have awaited long. It is time to become invincible. Now, your opponents are going to realize what a real player of the game is like.

The app comes with a wide set of options to choose from. You don’t have to pay a penny for any of the cheats or hack you choose. No registration, no subscription. All of this amazing list of hacks just collected under one app icon.

Another amazing factor that makes this hacking app tool a must-have for the game players is the feature of both root and non-root smartphones. Yes, you can use it in two ways. Get it for the root phone or no-root. The choice is yours. GL ModXPRO has both options.

If you use the app with its virtual application then get the guaranteed protection from the prying eyes of the game platform. The AI of the game platform will never get a hint that you are employing hacks. You can get that too from our website for free.

APK Details

Size6.41 MB
Required Android4.1 and Above
CategoryApps Tools

Features of the GL ModXPRO Injector

This amazing combination of all the essential hacks for PUBG comes with, as you might guess, cool features. Here, we have jotted them down for you. Have a look at the list of features and find out why we recommend this ESP for you.

  • The app works on any of the phones that are used for playing PUBGM.
  • It has the option to employ both the root and no-root versions of the phone.
  • Easy to use and a friendly interface with minimum Ad distractions.
  • Free and requires no subscription or registration.
  • It is safe as thousands of players use it on their Android sets.

Moreover, It is fast and requires minimum resources of the phone, you won’t experience the device lag or heating, which is what common with other such apps.

List of Hacks

GL ModXPRO Hack List is given down here in the bullet form. You can enable these from the interface and enjoy the ultimate power in the gameplay.

  • Anti-shake
  • Pink Sky
  • Black Sky
  • Small Speed
  • AimBot
  • Long Parachute (Speed)
  • Auto Head (30%)
  • Magic bullet
  • Auto Head (50%)

This and many more are waiting for you, once you install it on the smartphone.

How to Download GL ModXPRO APK

The injector is a simple to use phone application. All you need to get is the APK File. If you follow the steps given below it is easy to install and use. Go through in sequence and you will be there in no time.

Find the APK file given at the end of this article and tap the download button to initiate the process. Once the file is on your device directory, tap on it to begin the installation.

You may have to enable installation from unknown sources by going to the security setting on your Android device. Then tap few more times to get the app installed onto your phone.

Now is the time to go to your phone screen and press the app icon to start using it.

How to Use the GL ModXPRO Injector?

Before we tell you the use method for this application. It is worth mentioning that, this is a third party application.

We do not recommend the use of such apps, and it is the sole discretion of the mobile user. The PUBG platform has a strict policy against the use of injectors, hacks, etc. and once detected it might ban you forever.

If you have decided to use it anyway. It is simple. Just open the app once it is installed. It will ask you for a pass-code. The Key for entering the app is this one (Case Sensitive)


Now you can see the tab for ”˜OPEN PUBG’. Press it to start the game from the application. Once it starts, you will find the icon floating over the screen. You can tap on it and enable any of the hacks that you want to use.

App Screeshots

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GL ModXPRO is a hacking tool for PUBG. You can get it to enable and apply several cheats for free. Get the APK of this app from the link given below and become the most eligible for Chicken dinner.

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