Goddess of Genesis APK Download for Android [100% working]

It is time to set out on an epic journey with the Goddess of Genesis APK. In this role-playing game, you are on a mission to save the world. The battle is hard to handle alone. So, you can summon the legendary heroes by using tarot cards to fight alongside you.

Fight the forces of darkness, explore the imaginary world of epic secrets, and make a story worth sharing with others. You can download it to play on your smartphone anytime.

 About Goddess of Genesis APK

It is a role-playing game that you can download for your Android mobile phone and tablets for free. This epic game of battle and fantasies with imaginary creatures that are hell-bent on destroying humanity.

 You will be aided by legendary characters from the game and you will not be left alone. Take heroes like Lucifer, Athena, Little Red Hood, and many more with you. They will help you to fend off the monstrous creatures like elves, dragons, forstwolves.

With stunning graphics in 3D HD, you will find yourself in this near to real-world fantasy. Gather your friends and assault the mortal enemies, stun the foes with your marvelous combat skills, because in the Goddess of Genesis everything dreamlike is real in the gameplay.

APK Details

NameGoddess of Genesis
Size57 MB
Package Namecom.zlongame.sea.gog
Required Android4.0 and Above

 The gameplay of this videogame features high definition 3D modeling. Each object including the characters of the game is made up of more than ten thousand pixels, making them objects of real life. With such a deep display, the heroes look more like mortal beings than imaginary charms.

Each time you accompany a character, the experience will be completely different. Because each come with peculiar fighting style and tradition with its own history from the past.

Goddess of Genesis APK integrates a wide range of history into the formation of these legends, remaking them with stunning appealing looks.

The legends can fight alone, but when joining forces, special powers are unleashed as their combo enhances their powers. They will awe your enemy with their display of valor.

App Screenshots

Create a group of five invincible combatants. Because it is 5v5 duels online. You are here to fight with real people from around the world displaying their skills in the game.

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Download the latest version of the Goddess of Genesis APK to your Android device and enjoy the amazing game. It will soon become your fixation with stunning graphics and thrilling battles.

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