How To Add Instagram to Tik Tok [2023]

Instagram was the first den for the young generation until the TikTok craze took that title away. Do you know that your Instagram profile can be added to your TikTok account? So we will tell you how to add Instagram to Tik Tok.

The two TikTok and Instagram accounts are the attention-grabbing platforms for teenagers of the time carrying some perks that are specific to each platform. Each has its own features and strengths. If you decide to sacrifice one for others. There is a pretty chance that you miss a lot by not using the other.

How To Add Instagram to Tik Tok?


TikTok is the go-to option for short and catchy mobile videos. These exciting and spontaneous short clips are easy to create and upload on the app.

The application carries all forms of content and lets you rejoice any time with a never-ending stream of amazing and funny short clips. All according to your taste and likes.

Though Instagram came earlier than Tik Tok. It follows a different philosophy of content creation and sharing. With its amazing picture and video filters. It is still a premium platform for content development and sharing.

Yet TikTok alone is enough to keep you engaged for an endless period of time. Still, people want to give some time to their Instagram as well. So if you too are asking “How do I add my Instagram to my TikTok?

We will take you through the process. Be it your Android mobile phone or device or the apple iPhone that you carry. The answer to how to add instant to tik tok is simple.

You can connect both apps. Some people out there are already using the TikTok app to create Instagram stories and status clips. However, most are not aware of the fact that both these apps could be connected right from the Tik Tok platform.

Before you start to link the accounts on these two apps. You must know that they are two different applications owned and operated by very different companies. Insta is owned by Facebook and Tik Tok is a Chinese company.

In order to link Instagram and TikTok, you will have to install both apps on your phone. Since you are here. You already may have both accounts. Now you are ready to go through the process. So this is how to link to your TikTok.

These are the steps. Perform them in the sequence given and you will be there in no time.

  • Open the Tik Tok app and tap on the Instagram icon. It is at the bottom right corner once you have the application opened on your device screen.
image 1
  • Now tap on the Edit TikTok profile option once you are through the first step.
image 2
  • Here you can see the option to add your Instagram and YouTube profiles. Tap on the Add Instagram Icon tab.
image 3

Now you will be taken to your Instagram Login Screen. Fill in the credentials that include your phone number, username, email, and password. Then press the login tab. You will be taken to your TikTok profile via your TikTok Account.

Now tap on the “Authorize” option to allow your account to access the Instagram Account.

This is how to add Instagram Link to tik tok on your mobile phone. Now you can share your TikTok video creations on your phone directly with Instagram from the TikTok App. No need to go through the long tortuous path of switching between the two applications for TikTok Videos sharing.

How To Link the Secondary or Business Instagram Account Through TikTok Link

You can do this as well. People who are trying to connect their business Instagram accounts or their second Instagram accounts might face some problems. The most common of which is the wrong password issue. It is easy to fix. For doing this, the method has the following simple steps.

  • Go to your Second or business account on your Instagram.
  • Tap on the settings and tap edit profile page.
  • Tap on the safety
  • Tap ‘Create a password for this account option
  • Give a password to that account.
  • Now use these credentials to connect to Instagram App from TikTok. So this is how to link Instagram to TikTok from a business or a second Instagram account.

How To Unlink Instagram from TikTok

For any reason you want to disassociate the two accounts, which at should you do? In this case, you will have to repeat the process mentioned in the first case.

Here instead of pressing the “Add Instagram” option. You will have to tap the “Unlink” button. Then the TikTok app will automatically delete your Instagram details.

So through the use of these steps how adding Instagram to Tik Tok becomes a simple task. Now perform it and make your life easier.

How To Link TikTok Profile inside Instagram Account

We already mentioned the process of adding an Instagram account to a TikTok Profile. Now in this particular section, we are going to eleborate on the details regarding adding TikTok Profile to Instagram Account.

  • First, the user is requested to access the profile page Instagram.
  • Now push the edit profile page and access the setting section.
  • There the users will find this Instagram Bio Page option.
  • Click the edit profile icon and access Insta Bio box.
  • Paste the TikTok Profile Link to your Instagram.
  • Push the save button and easily add Tik Tok link will be displayed on the homepage.
  • Remember that Instagram followers can easily track your official Tik Tok profile link.
  • Use the same process to add multiple links inside Instagram account.

Key Features To Avoid Copyright Issues

  • Always try to share TikTok videos on Instagram after removing TikTok Watermark.
  • To avoid copyright issues, we recommend the users to save video content without TikTok sound.
  • For Instagram followers, please generate video content using the same Insta dashboard.
  • Remember same goes for Instagram video content if you are interested in publishing inside TikTok.


Whether you are an Instagram fan or a TikTok fan. If you got a huge number of followers on both social media accounts and experiencing difficulty switching accounts for sharing TikTok videos. Then we recommend using the above-mentioned method of ‘How To Add Instagram Icon To Tiktok’ and easily sharing TikTok videos with one click.