How To Download AMONG US New Airship Map For Android Mobiles.

Among Us is an online action gameplay developed by Innersloth. To make the gameplay more interesting, developers integrate dynamic maps. Thus recently Innersloth mentioned in a blog post that they will add this new Among Us New AirShip Map.

When we look at the key credentials of gaming application. Then we found it firstly launched in 2018 for android devices. Later multiple versions of the gaming app were developed and released. The reason for adding these different updates are different.

But the mean reason is to add multiple new features include maps. Since its development, different multiple maps were launched. Thus now gamers are very excited about the new map called AirShip Map.

In 2020, the Innersloth mentioned in a comment that they will soon release this new addition. But due to certain reasons the company was unable to launch the new edition. Even a large number of mobile gamers search online regarding the new map.

Moreover, plenty of different articles published offering technique. Through which the mobile users can easily download the Airship Map. But in reality, those websites are sharing fake or false information with mobile users.

Here we gonna discuss the key details about the particular feature. That when it will be reachable to download officially. And how the android users may gonna know about it. Plus we also gonna discuss how mobile users can easily add this map inside gameplay.

Those who been waiting for this new key up-gradation. And willing to know about how they can easily add this new option inside their gameplay. Must read the detailed review focusedly. To run the process smoothly without losing a single point.

What is Among Us New AirShip Map?

As we mentioned earlier that it is a new addition of an incredible map inside Among Us. Where the objectives plus key features are entirely unique. This means the features will never be offered before. And experts claim that it will take the Among Us to the next level.

Where no one has ever thought of it. The key features that are reachable inside this new map include Short Cuts, Slow Floating Path, Diamond Rubbing, Trash Removing from Bin and Multiple Ladders etc. There are multiple different questions asked by gamers.

That includes why the map is still under construction phase and why it took so long, launching a single-layered map? According to information gathered from different websites including official channels. The reason for delaying the next update was due to a difficult composition.

Yeah, the experts mentioned in a blog post that it is not a simple process. And they need to make sure that the product is fully compatible with maximum devices including Mobiles and Consoles etc. Thus this time developers claim that they will try their best to launch a perfect update.

Where the errors including toxic bugs will be removed in advance. So the gamers will never experience difficulty or error issues while playing with friends. The remaining features will be the same such as the number of participants, group numbers, skins including the user interface.

Key Features Inside Map

  • No pre-registration is required.
  • The key objectives will be different.
  • That includes Trash Removing Process and Diamond Rubbing.
  • Ladders are also added inside the map for easy access.
  • Those who are ready to catch imposter can use different shortcuts.
  • That will not only surprise the friends but also imposter.
  • New Skins and Hats will be reachable.

How To Download The Map

Remember the process of downloading and integration of Airship Map is simple. This means the innersloth will launch the new map on 31st March. At the same moment, the new update will also reachable to access.

Just download the updated version of Among Us AirShip Map For android from here or Google Play Store. The latest Apk version is also reachable on third party websites. Just install and it will automatically add this new map.

How To Install New AirShip Map

Once the mobile users are successful in downloading the updated version of Apk. The next phase is installation and utilization process of the gaming application. For that please follow the below steps.

  • First download the latest version of Apk.
  • Then locate it from the download section.
  • Initiate the installation process, by allowing unknown sources.
  • Once the installation completes.
  • Go to mobile menu and launch the game.
  • And it ends here.


Here we want to conclude by declaring Among Us New Airship Map the most exciting and amazing addition. Gamers gonna love this new addition inside Among Us. The new map will be reachable to access on 31st March so the countdown has already begun.

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