How to Use Banned Chinese Apps 2020 [TikTok Unban 2022]

The world has entered an era of high political volatility. It has not only affected our personal lives but has impacted things like what technologies we can access and use. When the Chinese applications are getting banned all over here we are to show you away. We will discuss how to use banned Chinese apps.

In places like India, Hong Kong, and now there is the talk going on in the United States of America. The Chinese applications are being targeted for being their association with the country of their origin in some way or another. If you are also affected by the ban, but still want to use these applications. We will tell you in this article all the possible ways. Let’s begin

How to Use Banned Chinese Apps

When you installed the application like Hello, TikTok, CamScanner, and countless more apps on your mobile phones and devices. You never thought of their origin. Where they come from and what companies own them.

The features and options presented by these applications were the reason you opted for them with your eyes closed. Now that it is not possible to use them directly on the mobile phone or tablet. It is natural that you might miss them.

Moreover, there have not been any attractive alternates yet in the market for most of them. In such a situation. Out of desperation, you might try to use these Chinese applications not working due to the ban.

Before you go for any foolish attempt. That risk your security and safety. We are here to tell you about how to use banned Chinese apps in a safe way.

Such as when you try to access the TikTok in India. You will see a message displayed on your browser that states, “On June 29, 2020, the Government of India decided to block 59 apps, including TikTok.

We are in the process of complying with the Government of India’s directive and also working with the government to better understand the issue and explore a course of action”¦”. So what to do in a situation like this.

We understand that you might have given hundreds of your work hours to produce clout for yourself on the social media platform in the form of videos, thousands of fans following you, and more. If you are not ready to give up on them we can help you to access any of the banned apps.

Here is how you can access the banned Chinese apps.

TikTok Unban 2020

The first way is to download a VPN. This way you can show your location out of the territory where the application is banned such as India, and access your TikTok account.

One such option that is safe and works the wonder is Secure VPN. You can get this for your Android mobile phone or tablet from the Google Play Store or for your iOS run Apple iPhone go to the Apple App Store.

Once you get the app. you will have to install it on your device. Then tap the VPN icon on from your mobile phone screen and it will ask you to press the “Tap to Connect” button on the top of the interface.

When you do that. It will take some time and you will be routing your data from a third location outside of the geographical territory you are residing.

This is possible because not the whole world has banned Chinese apps. It is specific to a few countries. What VPN does is, gives you a virtual location in a different country, and in this way the option to use these apps is available.

Once the VPN is connected you can open Google and use the search engine to access your TikTok account.

It will even ask you to add the site to the screen. You can safely do that and find the TikTok browse it, watch videos, upload videos. Do what you did before the ban.

The only downside of this VPN is that it is TikTok specific and you cannot access other Chinese apps. When we find a method for these, it will be shared with you immediately. Keep visiting.