How to Watch Ertugrul in Urdu/Hindi on Mobile [2022]

Dirilis Ertugrul or Ertugrul Ghazi has become a sensation in the subcontinent. If you are asking how to watch Ertugrul in Urdu on a mobile phone or any other digital platform. This article is for you.

The famous drama has made its mark across various geographical territories. But since the time of release in its Urdu/Hindi dubbed version. It has broken all previous records for viewership. Even beating the home country of turkey.

From day one, its viewership has been increasing, and it seems, it is not going to recede soon. The charismatic character of Ertugrul and his companions, well portrayed by the actors, has gripped the minds of viewers, who are infatuating over this serial and watching it without skipping an episode.

Why Are People Watching Ertugrul in Urdu?

Ertugrul is a historical fiction produced by the Turkish State Television TRT. The story revolves around the central figure of Ertugrul. As the legend goes, he was the son of the leader of Kayi tribe from Oghuz Turks. The tribe fled Western Central Asia to escape from the Mongol Army, which invaded their lands.

It is said that later on his son Osman, who became Osman I in history laid the foundations of the Ottoman Empire. The empire stretched from North Africa in the West, to the Middle East, Modern Day Turkey, and Balkan regions in Eastern Europe during its peak.

The great empire that was the shadow of its glory had the final blow in World War I when Allied Forces dominated the Axis powers.

Thus the Series is all about the pre-birth period of Osman I and tells us about the life of his recent ancestral history in a dramatized form from the time of the 13th century. The series comprises of a total of 306 episodes divided into five seasons. With twenty-six to thirty-five episodes in each.

With a strong story, extravagant production, superb acting by the leading roles and a high moral and spiritual value of the main role, the drama has been selling like hot cakes across the globe. Since its first airing on TRT 1 about six years ago, it has accrued a score of 7.8/10 IMDB score.

The serial has been especially well received around the world, with Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, and India leading in the watch records.

How to Watch Ertugrul in Urdu/Hindi on Mobile and other Devices

If you are wondering how to watch the movie on mobiles and other digital devices including laptops, and computers other, read the rest of the article to get the idea.

There are multiple options that you can use to watch Ertugrul Ghazi in Hindi or Urdu. The following are the options described in detail.

1- Pakistan Television Network (PTV Home)

It is this television network that has officially dubbed the Dirilis Ertugrul giving it the name Ertugrul Ghazi. It started airing on terrestrial and satellite from the beginning of Ramazan, 24th April 2020 in the Gregorian calendar.

So far it has wrapped up a whole season on its channel. If you want to start watching on TV, it is aired at 8:00 Local time (+5:00 GMT). But with so much passed. It won’t give you the desired entertainment.

So down here are other options that you can explore on your mobile, personal computer, or laptop.

2- YouTube: TRT Ertugrul by PTV (Pakistan Television Network)

For all of you who have woken up to the trend a bit late, yet want to catch up with your friends. Here is the chance for you. Yes, you can watch Ertugrul in Hindi/Urdu on YouTube as well.

YouTube: TRT Ertugrul by PTV is the official YouTube channel where all the currently aired episodes are uploaded from the beginning. The channel is updated regularly with episodes that are aired on the channel.

By following the instructions below, you can watch the drama Ertugrul in Hind or Urdu direct on YouTube, with an active internet connection.

Tap or click on the link below, it will take you directly to the official channel TRT Ertugrul by PTV

Once on the site, you can start with any episode you want.

Ertugrul Ghazi Episode 33 in Urdu

How to Watch Ertugrul in Hindi/Urdu on Mobile

We know that mobile is a multipurpose gadget. It is not only used for communication, but is a game console, our multimedia hub, movie maker, and our camera and entertainment device.

Gradually it has outplaced television as the generations of nowadays watch all types of video content on mobile phones only.

With that being said, we have found all the Android mobile-specific applications that let you watch the Ertugrul in Hindi or Urdu right on your Android phone screen.

1 Abbasi TV

This Android mobile app can be run on smartphones and tablets using the Android operating system. It brings you the best of the entertainment world.

There is a dedicated category for watching Urdu content. You can download it from Google Play Store or you can also get the Abbasi TV Apk file from our site as well.

2 iFilms

This application is dedicated to video and audio content related to the Islamic world. Among many forms of entertainment such as historical and cultural movies from all over the Muslim world, this app brings you the latest dramas in Urdu languages.

You can also find all the Arabic and English content related to Islamic culture as well. You can download the app from Play store or iFilms Apk from here to watch the Ertugrul Drama in Hindi/ Urdu language right on your mobile phone.