HUNK TV APK Download for Android [Latest Version]

Premium content streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime charge for their videos, and rightly so. They are incomparable in many aspects. What if we say you can watch it all for free? With Hunk TV Apk, it is possible.

There are as many such apps as the sand grains on a beach. It claims to give you premium content for free. But some have quality issues and others are downright boring due to software bugs and advertisements.

With this app on your Android run phone, we promise you the best in the niche. With constant fixes and updates, this official version makes sure you always get the latest content round the clock and on the go.

What is HUNK TV Apk?

This is an online video streaming app. It provides all the premium content from Amazon Prime and Netflix for free. So, asking your friends for Netflix and Amazon IDs to watch your favorite seasons and movies is over.

HUNK TV is here to give you all your desired flicks right on your Android smartphones and Tablets. That too without a subscription.

The collection does not just end here. This streaming app gives you access to more than whooping tens of thousands of movies and series.

Users can search for content based on genre, country, movie, shows, or select a television channel to watch.

Watch your choice online or download it to your Android device. It is your time your choice. Get on your next binge-watching spree for free with all the latest collection.

If you are looking to take a break from regular content. You don’t have to switch to another application. Right here, select a television channel, watch a show, follow the news, or your favorite sports league.

HUNK TV MOD Apk converts your mobile phone into a premium content viewing device that too free of cost. There are no charges you have to pay. All you need is the HUNK TV Apk on your Android smartphone.

Apk Details

Required Android4.2.0 and Above

Features of HUNK TV Apk

This app is a piece of big news for the followers of subscription entertainment. It gives you all the cool content with the same video quality for free.

Some of the features of the app are summed up for you below.

Paid Content for Free

If you cannot afford paid content, download this app. With this application on your gadget, there is no longer a requirement for expensive subscriptions to agencies like Hotstar, Netflix, or Amazon Prime. All that content including movies, web series, and serials can be watched here.

Easy Download

The app gives you the option to watch a movie or any other selected video on the app or download it to watch offline. The process of downloading is very simple. Just one click or tap and it will start loading on to your Android device.

Fast Servers

You can get a YouTube-like fast video streaming experience on the HUNK TV Apk app. So there will be no video lagging or buffering so you can enjoy the flicks without having to wait for loading.

Regular Content Updates

It is not easy to get your hands on the latest release. Be it a movie, a season, or any other show. Not with this app. You can instantly access all the recent videos from the entertainment industry.

Live Television

You can enjoy live television on your smartphone screen. The list not only includes free channels but paid and subscription channels like Sony, Discovery, and many more. All for free.

Other Content

The app brings you a long list of films from all over the world. With a 10,000+ strong library of individual flicks and counting. You have been covered for a long, long time.

Ad-Free Environment

HUNK TV Apk brings you an amazing ad-free environment. So that you can watch countless entertainment videos without having to wait for the advertisements to end.

Simple User Interface

This app feels good to look at and is fast and responsive. You can navigate the tabs easily and select any option easily. With many options to change from setting for the user. It is indeed a gift.

Content Details

Want to know what the movie is about, that you have just selected to watch? Well, you can watch its trailer and read the review to get an idea. All on the same app.

Request a Movie

Yes, if you cannot find what you are looking for. Just go to the request movie option and tell the official the name of your video. You will get it sooner than you think.

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App Screenshots

How to Download the HUNK TV Apk

To get the HUNK TV app on your Android smartphone or tablet you just have to go to the Download Apk option from this page. Then follow these steps to get it on your phone and through the installation process.

  1. Tap on the download button (this will initiate the process after a pause of 10 seconds)
  2. Locate the Apk file in your device storage once the download is complete.
  3. Tap on the file and install it on your device.
  4. Turn the Unknown Sources to allow the installation. You can do that by going to the security settings.
  5. Tap the icon to open and make your handset your new video streamer.

You can start watching your most awaited seasons and web series now.


HUNK TV Apk is an app that in a nutshell is an alternative to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar. You can get all the premium content for free with the app installed on your mobile phone. Watch a season or switch between countless TV channels in an ad-free ambiance.

Download the app by clicking on the link given below.

Download Link