HushSMS Apk Download For Android

In today’s article, you are going to download a multi-tasking Android application for your Mobile phones. Here you have “HushSMS Apk” for Android mobile phones which is useful for various kinds of actions.

This amazing application can be used either in companies or individuals. In simple words, this is a professional tool that performs so many tasks automatically. 

However, this app is not available for other Operating systems except Androids. If you want to put all your daily tasks on automation then you must download this tool from this article. I have shared the latest version of this app is right in this post.

Furthermore, it is safe and free to use and download. I would appreciate it if you share this with your friends or on Social media platforms. So, that can be a gesture of appreciation from your side.

About HushSMS

HushSMS Apk is an app that allows you to send various kinds of text messages to anyone. It helps you to communicate with your friends quickly if you don’t have an SMS package. However, it requires an internet connection but the best thing is that you don’t need a faster connection.

So, it can perfectly work on even a 2G network. Furthermore, you don’t need to pay any kind of charges are bills to avail of its services. 

You only need to download and install the Apk file from this post and that is it. Moreover, there is no need for any registration or Sign up. 

There are millions of people from all over the world using this application. It is a legal tool that you can use for only professional purposes. However, you can also use it to prank your friends but you should not utilize it for illegal purposes.

Sometimes people exploit such apps for irritating or teasing people which is an unethical thing and this can put you in trouble. Therefore, use it wisely, otherwise, the owners of this site will be not responsible for any kind of misuse. 

However, there are different tasks you can perform through this tool which I am going to explain one by one in the next paragraphs. So, if you want to know more about its functions then you can check out those here below. 

Details of APK

Size219.82 KB
Package Namecom.silentservices.hushsms
Required Android4.2 and Up
Normal SMS

This is the first option or feature of the HushSMS Apk where you are supposed to send text messages to desired mobile numbers. There is no any kind of limit so you can send as much as you want. Further, you can have the option to write a long text.

There is another app just like this tool which is known as Turbo Bomber Apk but it does not allow you to add text. But if you still want to have it then you can get its Apk file from our website.

You may want to try Technocare Apk for FRP Bypass to easily us this App.


This one is not applicable for iPhones which means when you send something from this option then the iPhone user will never receive it on his/her device.

Basically, this option in HushSMS Apk is quite beneficial for the organizations and companies to sell or promote their products. Actually, you can send URLs of your website or pages so the receivers can visit that.


This feature is useful for agencies particularly government agencies. Through this feature, officials can locate your location easily. Furthermore, this helps the user to know whether the receiver’s device is booked into the network or not. in simple words it checks out the availability of the person.


SI stands for the Service Indication in which the companies or network providers try to inform you about your credits, bills and other packages. You may receive informative messages about the packages and services of your Networks so these are sent to you by these kinds of tools. 

MMS Notification

This is quite simple and you all know what it is and for what purpose you can use it. Simply it is a feature that allows you to send MMS notification to any kind of mobile number.

But here it goes to the network provider and they send the notification to the person. It is also not applicable for iPhone users.

Screenshots of the App

Screenshot of HushSMS
Screenshot of HushSMS Apk
Screenshot of HushSMS App
Screenshot of HushSMS For Android


This is a multi-purpose and handy software which is specially designed for companies and commercial purposes. So, if you think you need this to spread your business or other activities then you can get it from this post. Click on the below-given button to download the latest version of HushSMS Apk for Android.