IPAD View Apk Download For Android [PUBGM]

PUBG Mobile is very famous among smartphone users including IPAD Users. Even out there gamers admire to play PUBGM over Apple IPAD’s due to incredible experience. Thus considering the gamers admire and demand we brought IPAD View Apk.

Though Android experience of PUBG is also good. But still, gamers admire to play PUBGM over IPAD instead of android devices. When we conduct research and try to gather information regarding the difference. Then we found these main differences.

Which makes it more interesting and incredible for PUBG as compared to other iPhone or Android devices. The gamers need to understand one thing first, that IPAD and iPhone both manufactured and designed by Apple. But both devices offering different key features.

Hence gamers do admire to play PUBG Mobile on iPhone. But still, the gaming experience of IPAD is more unique and dynamic as compared to other devices. When we discuss purchasing the IPAD’s for specific gameplay.

Then most of the gamers only admire purchasing the product. Because the price tag of device is so high that average game players never afford to purchase it. Therefore considering the admire factor and android gamers demand.

The developers came up with this new incredible tool called IPAD View PUBG. Which is free to download and easy to integrate. Installing the tool properly will adapt the IPAD look. So the viewers will get the same experience as others.

We will discuss the details briefly below here. The process of integration is little bit tricky. So don’t worry regarding the installation and utilization of this incredible tool. If you are a PUBG lover and willing to experience the IPAD Look than download DYNOOO IPAD View Apk from here.

What is IPAD View Apk

As we mentioned earlier that PUBG Mobile game lovers admire to play over Apple devices. Because the experience and look of gameplay over apple devices is unique. Now installing DYNOOO Gaming inside an android device may offer IPADVIEW.

In other words, it can be used as an emulator for PUBG Mobile gamers. The most incredible advantage of deploying this tool for PUBG Gameplay is the wider angle. Yeah, the angle of view becomes much wider which helps the gamer locating enemy easily.

Details of APK

NameIPAD View
Size368.6 KB
Package Namecom.dynooo.ipad
Required Android5.0 and Plus

Though the screen size also matters in locating the enemy easily. But when we highlight the point of an angle than it plays the key role. So the wider angle would be, the less energy it will consume in locating the opponent.

Remember DYNOOO Gaming Apk is the perfect tool for customizing the design of android device. So the gamers could have the same experience as real IPAD gamers. Out there different iPhone emulating tools are reachable to download.

But in reality, those tools can only help in adjusting the front interface. This means it may not helpful in adjusting the background applications. If it was your dream of playing PUBGMobile over IPAD. Now your dream may come true by installing IPAD View Apk Download For Android.

Key Features of The Apk

  • The full version of tool is reachable on our website.
  • Installing the app will offer the same experience as IPAD VIEW.
  • No registration is required.
  • The users never push to purchase premium subscription.
  • User interface of App is mobile friendly.
  • No third party monetization allowed.
  • The tool fully supports all version of PUBG.
  • Which include Global, Korean and Lite.
  • Telegram plus YouTube links are also reachable for user assistance.

Screenshots of The App

How To Download The Apk

When we talk about downloading the updated version of Apk file. The Android users can trust on our website because we only share authentic and original Apps. Considering the user assistance and security we hired an expert team.

The expert team comprised of multiple professional talented personals. Who will not only make sure the security but also make it confirm that installed Apk is operational and malware-free. For downloading the updated version of IPAD View Apk For Android PUBG please click on the below link.

How To Install And Use The App

Once the downloading of the tool is complete, the next phase is installation. And for that, we request the android users to follow the below steps correctly.

  • First, locate the downloaded Apk file.
  • Then initiate the installation process.
  • Once the installation completes.
  • Go to the mobile menu and launch the App.
  • Now enter the password: DYNOOO
  • Select the PUBG version and the user may see this done description.
  • This means it is complete and now the gamer can enjoy IPADVIEW.

Is It Safe to Install Tool

We already installed the DYNO IPAD View Apk over different android devices. Even we played PUBG Mobile by enabling the app. We found nothing serious or any problem. Hence it is entirely secure and safe to play PUBGMobile using the application.

Though we never offer a similar Apk tool for android phones. But on our website, android users may find different iPhone emulators. Those who are interested in converting their android devices into iPhone. Must follow the mentioned URLs which include Egg NS Emulator Apk and iEMU Apk.


Those who cannot afford to purchase an Apple device due to high prices. But still admire to play the PUBGM gameplay over the same IOS interface. Now he/she can do that by installing IPAD View Apk inside an android device.