Ivive APK Download for Android [Updated 2022]

Still photographs brought a revolution in human lives. From saving history for the posterior to the marks of memory to reminisce and rejoice the past time. But Ivive APK takes that game to a whole new level.

Pictures and images carry different meanings for different people. Even for every individual, they provide a different perspective each time they are looked at. Sometimes they help us jog our memories, sometimes they are the only source of information for us, they tell stories, share moments, and carry the past for us with them.

So, in this era of Artificial intelligence and augmented reality lets transform these antiques and treasures into something jaw-dropping. If you want to, just get the Ivive App for your Android mobile phone or tablet for free from this page.

What is Ivive APK?

Ivive is a tool that gives a new look and projection to the images we are looking at. It performs this feat automatically by employing augmented reality. This creates a stunning new dimension to the feel and visuals of the image, by adding amazing animations.

So why not give life to our images. Whenever we look at them let them take us beyond what we can think of using our brain. When we employ our imagination, let’s be honest, it has limitations. Not all of us are Picassos or Van Goghs.

That being said. So what if we cannot be as imaginative as the Avatars writer or the famous artists. We can employ the technology to do that for us.

APK Details

Size31.13 MB
Package Namecom.ivive
Required Android4.3 and Above
CategoryApps Entertainment

And if you are familiar with augmented reality you might know how impactful it has been in our way of experiencing and viewing the world.

Ivive App has all that power that is required to take the creativity to a level way beyond the human capacity. If you are not sure what we are talking about. Check the app out yourself by employing it on your Android device.

Experiences the world of still photography and images in a new way. See it in motion and imitating life in new, awesome, and unexpected ways.

Once you have created a stunning animation with your favorite picture, it is time to share with your friends or on social media to stun your followers.

How to Download Ivive APK?

To get this awesome app on your smartphone just follow the steps as under.

  1. First, go to the download link below and tap the Download APK bar
  2. Go to the device storage once the download process is complete and locate the file.
  3. Tap on it to start the installation
  4. Enable the Unknown devices option from the phone settings
  5. Tap a few times more and there you are.

You can now locate the Ivive APK on the gadget screen and tap to open it. Now you can add the images and see the magic. One thing to be noted is that it will not work with all the images. The functioning is limited to images that the app will tell you with an indication of an icon.

App Screenshots

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Ivive APK is an awesome way to look at images in a novel way. With the help of augmented reality, it gives you a stunning new experience. To enjoy this unique app with full perks just get the file by tapping the download link for your Android.

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