Jio Phone Fingerprint Lock App Apk Download For Android [2022]

This is the right place for you if you are using the Android phone of Jio Reliance and you are searching for the specific fingerprint app lock for your Jio Reliance Android phone. Because you are about to download the newest version of the “Jio Phone Fingerprint Lock App” for your Jio Reliance Android phone.

As Now Technology has gone advanced. And people love to implant multiple inbuilt lock features inside their smartphones. Including physical fingerprint sensor that can offer some extra features. Yet

However, the old smartphones never support such multiple security protocols. But if we mention Jio Reliance Android Phones, then now those phones can upgrade by installing an Apk file.

About Jio Phone Fingerprint Lock App

In order to provide better services to its customers, Jio has launched its own mobile phone product in order to provide better services to the customers. Jio is one of the greatest telecommunications companies in India which is also providing the fastest 4G services to its customers.

One of the defining characteristics of these mobiles is the fact that they use an Android operating system. And that is one of the reasons why they are quite famous in the country. Another feature is that they come at very cheap prices and that they have a large number of users.

Therefore, today we are sharing its own official Finger Print lock Apk. Which will help users to keep their mobile phones safe and secure from strangers by helping to lock their phones using their fingerprints.

Details of APK

NameJio Phone Fingerprint Lock
Size2.93 MB
Package Namecom.jiophone.fingerprint
Required Android4.1 and Up
CategoryApps Tools

Screenshots of The App

Why use Security Apps?

In a nutshell, security apps are the tools that can help you maintain security on your Android device. And would allow you to keep your smartphone safe from being hacked, data being stolen, and hackers accessing your information.

Despite their usefulness, Android phones can be quite vulnerable when it comes to protecting your privacy or the safety of your data. Furthermore, it is impossible to trust all the people around you to let them access your phone when you are using it. Since there are numerous apps of them that may be in your vicinity.

There are many long third-party apps or fingerprint locks available on the market that can help you a lot in such situations. You can keep your mobile wherever you want without you having to worry about someone getting access to your device by installing similar also third-party apps.

This is because no one can get access to your device unless you give them permission to do so. Mainly these popular third-party apps makes do support fingerprint locking.

Kinds of Locks

There are several types of security measures that you can apply to your phones. Some of those measures are built-in within the device itself, as well as others that require specific software to be able to carry out these actions.


The use of this type of security measure is one of the most common ways for you to ensure the security of your devices. It is a very simple process and you only need to draw a specific and unique pattern on your phone in order to make it work.

Fingerprint Lock

If you use your mobile to carry sensitive information around, then a physical fingerprint scanner lock is one of the most advanced and highly recommended security methods you can have. This allows you to log in with your own fingerprints to open your mobile phone. This actually works by tapping a sensor on your phone.

In addition, the users can install camera fingerprint lock feature. This way the users can easily implant and protect their data. Remember fingerprint scanner app is purely free to access and requires no registration.

Password or Key

By using this method, you can enter a password with a specific set of special characters, numbers, and alphabets. Which can be used together as a specific password or you can enter a collection of numbers which is known as a Key.


There is no Fingerprint scanner physically present on Jio devices, so if you want to ask me whether the locking application I have shared here works. I cannot answer that question with the word yes. Because Jio devices do not have a Fingerprint sensor, this application may not work for you.

It appears that there are some YouTubers who claim that this App can work with the most popular feature phones. However, I am not sure if that is true. If you still want to download the App, go to our website and download the latest version of the Jio Phone Fingerprint Lock App Apk.

In order to download this app you should simply tap on the link provided below, then download the file and install it on your phone as soon as possible.

  1. Is It Free To Download Apk File?

    Yes, the Apk file we are providing here is purely free to download.

  2. Does These Apps Function Properly?

    Yes, installing the app offer multiple key functions.

  3. Does App Require Internet Connectivity?

    Yes, the application can be operational with and without internet connectivity.

  4. Is It Safe To Install The Apk?

    Yes, the app is purely secure to install and use.

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