Kidsguard Apk Download For Android [New 2023]

As compared to prior days, technology has now become a necessary part. Even it is not possible to survive in the current era without technology. With the expansion, there are negative things also appeared. To keep away your children from negativity we suggest you install Kidsguard Apk. 

Due to the current world order technology has become a necessary component of our life. This advancement brings so much comfort to people’s life. Now people can make video calls without any disturbance for the long run across the boundary for free.

All it requires is internet connectivity. Even if you look 10 years back then who had thought of Android devices? Which will bring this much comfort to our lives? Due to this advancement, people can now start their online live channels without any cost.

Moreover due to the positive utilization of current technology. Several mobile users have already earned millions of dollars in such a short span. And credit goes to the internet and current advanced technology. But here we forget to mention one more thing.

And that is negative usage of current technology. Now from children to adult people, everyone has access to a smartphone. Even now it’s become a major component of our life. When we look at recent studies than we found this negative usage among children.

So what should you do to monitor and control children’s phone activities? Because it is not possible to stay with children 24/7. The simple answer is Install KidsGuard App on Kid’s Device. Installing the app will enable parents to monitor their children’s activities 24/7.

What is KidsGuard Apk

KidsGuard Apk is an Android application particularly developed for parents. Because usually parent gets worried about their children and their activities. Even sometimes they get so much tense that they don’t know how to tackle things without creating a problem.

In such a scenario when you are worried and stuck in one place. Then we suggest you download the Tracking App from here. Enabling the Apk inside your as well as your Kid’s device will allow you to monitor device usage report delivers whole activities in seconds.

Details of APK

Size3.7 MB
Package Namepro.kidsgaurd
Required Android4.2 and Plus
CategoryApps Parenting

The only component which is required to monitor children’s activity is the internet. Without internet connectivity, the application will not be able to communicate information in time. We can assure the parents that they gonna like this App and that they should try this application once.

Inside the KidsGuard Pro Apk, there are lots of premium features. Which are only accessible to use after purchasing their premium subscription plan. Before purchasing the premium plan we suggest the parents download the free version for the initial experiment.

In beginning, the user must enable the app inside their smartphone first. Now select the parent feature and register your account. Once you register your account now add it to your children’s mobile database. As soon as you enter the code inside the database the app will automatically transmit data.

For suppose you like the application and are willing to boost efficiency. Then you need to purchase the KidsGurad Premium version from the store. Even these features can be accessible to purchase from inside the application.

Key Features of The App

  • The app is free to download from here with a one-click option.
  • Installing the app will avoid bad screen time habits and block apps in kids’ phone.
  • Including Monitor Kid’s Cell Phone Screen and Lock Screen Instantly.
  • Even it is not necessary to purchase a premium license for the free version.
  • Kids’ Cell Phone Contacts and Kids’ Cell Phone SMS can be controlled through the app.
  • When it comes to usage, registration is necessary.
  • The app doesn’t support third-party ads.
  • It provides a corresponding function module inside the app.
  • App installed and you can finally rest assure and manage screen time.
  • This means that parents can control screen time.
  • Control receiver phone number requires the phone number kids device.
  • In addition, parents tracking real-time location, managing screen time and device lock.
  • A real-time location tracker will help provide the exact location of kids.
  • Moreover, the user interface of the app is mobile-friendly.
  • For data transmission internet is compulsory.
  • It can be installed on both own device and other Android models.
  • The daily basic features include control both front or rear camera control.
  • Even take remote screenshot remotely.

Screenshots of The App

How To Download KidsGuard Apk

When it comes to downloading updated Apk Files. Then Android users can trust our website because we offer only installable and operational Apk Files. To make sure the user is entertained with the right product. We install it on different Android devices.

Once we are sure that the App is free of malware and function properly. Then we provide it inside the download section. To download the latest version of KidsGuard Apk please click on the download link button.

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Among other accessible kids monitoring applications, we recommend parents download this Apk. Because this is the most responsive and active tool among other files. During installation or utilization of the app if you face any problems feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Are We Providing Kidsguard Pro Unlocked Apk For Android?

    No, here we are providing the official version of the application for Android users with one click.

  2. Is It Safe To Install The Apk File?

    Yes, the latest version of Apk file we are providing here is purely safe to install and use.

  3. Does App Require Subscription?

    No, the version we are providing never requires subscription.

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