Kinemaster RED Apk Download For Android [New Update]

If you have a YouTube Channel with the huge number of subscribers or a Facebook fan page with so many likers. You can earn hundreds of dollars from those pages and channels uploading different video content. For video editing, we brought you a perfect mobile editor known Kinemaster RED.

For suppose you are good at capturing video content. And searching for an editor app where you can edit captured raw videos and sort all content professionally. Then we recommend you to use this app.

Kinemaster RED Pro will enable android users to edit all their content at the same time when they captured it. Means installing the Apk File will give direct access to edit panel where android users can edit their video content in a very short span.

Even there is a social counter added inside the editor. From where users can upload the content at the same time whenever they are done with editing it. Means upload your content within seconds without wasting time.

For user assistance, developers added this broad and brand new library inside the app. where users have straight access to unlimited different elements, animations, titles, frames and music tones etc.

You can even add your custom-designed images, elements and music files automatically utilizing content importing feature.

What is Kinemaster RED Pro Apk

It is a video player and editing tool developed focusing user current needs and requirements. The App is a modded version of KM Video and is not accessible out there. If you wanted this modified version of KM than you can download it from here.

Developers added some of the key features inside the app to let people enjoy the pro features of a video editor for free. Because there are lot of different tools which are available out there offering the same features on a monthly subscription plan.

But with Red Kinemaster Pro you can have all these features for free. Without claiming any monthly subscription plan. Moreover, developers added the most advanced tools and features inside the app to make it more professional.

Details of APK

NameKinemaster RED
Size73.6 MB
DevelopersKM Team
Required Android5.0 and Up

This is the most professional tool developed till now for video editing. Such kind of editing apps is perfect for Vloggers and Social Media Influencers. You added different layers including text, filters and styles to make your videos look more attractive and trendy.

Till now this is the best video editing tool is available to download. Which offers all these pro features for free. If you want a suggestion regarding Editing Apps. Then we recommend you to install Kinemaster Mod RED which is available to download from here.

Key Features of the App

  • The will enables you to create and added different layers inside single video such as images, short clips and thumbnails etc.
  • Video speed control feature will enable the user to add slow or fast motion lapse inside a video.
  • Even capture videos over 4K using the live camera feature.
  • You can add background music, elements, text styles and images etc.
  • The export dashboard offers different options to export video in different qualities.

Screenshots of App

How to Download and Install App

The download link is provided inside the article. All you need to do is just click over download link button and the Apk File will start download automatically. Once you are done with downloading please follow below steps to proceed for smooth installation.

  • First, locate the APK File from mobile storage section.
  • Click on the file to proceed with the installation process.
  • Once you are done with installation.
  • Go to mobile menu and click on the app icon.
  • And it’s done.


After searching and digging for long. We concluded that Red Kinemaster Pro is the best for professional video editing over mobile. If you want to download, click on the download link provided inside the article. During installation and utilization, you face any problem, feel free to contact us.

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