How to Earn By Using Ludo Ninja Apk Old Version?

Today I am going to share an interesting app called Ludo Ninja Apk Old Version for Android mobile phones. You can make thousands of rupees from this single mobile phone.

However, before you move towards the download link, I would really suggest you give a read to this post. Because this will help you out about how you can earn from that.

Later you will get the download link as well. So, don’t miss this golden opportunity and start playing Ludo game and make lots of money right from your home.

What Ludo Ninja Apk Old Version?

Ludo Ninja Apk Old Version is a gaming app for Android mobile phones and tablets. You can make money while using this game. This is one of those apps or games that allows you to have some real fun as well as make money at the same time. So, it is really a blessing for Android mobile phones.

There are very rare apps for other devices that have iOS or other Operating Systems. So, Androids are the only devices that offer these kinds of features. Ludo Ninja Android is one of those apps for people who are interested to earn some real cash. It is really an amazing app for you guys.

Screenshot Ludo Ninja Apk Old Version

You only need to have an Android phone and a stable internet connection and that’s it. However, this is only designed for Android users who are living in India. Furthermore, you need to have a legal and registered mobile phone number in India. Then you can apply for the app.

You need to invest a little amount of money there in the app. Or you can recharge it by using your own bank account. It will ask you to enter or add a bank account. So, they will deduct the price once you will the entry fee. You will get to know about the process shortly in a moment.

How to Earn By Using Ludo Ninja Apk Old Version?

Let’s come to our main topic now. That is how to earn by using the Ludo Ninja Apk Old Version? So, that is quite simple and easy. You just need to download the app from this page or the official app store. Then install that on your Android smartphones or tablets to start making money.

However, before that, there are some important points that you need to know about. So, you must have an Android phone, a registered Indian mobile number and a stable internet connection. Then launch that app on your phone and enter your mobile number.

Now there you will get an OTP or confirmation code. So, simply enter that into the app to verify your account or number. Then you will get access to the app. However, you can also use your own Google accounts to register on the app.

Once you will get registered there, it will ask you to enter the bank account number. So, you will be able to pay or recharge your account or wallet. Then you need to pay the entry fee for the match or tournament. Now win the match or that event to get cash rewards.

Is Ludo Ninja Apk Real or Scam?

It is 100% real and safe to download and make money. It is one of the mega-platforms in India that are offering money for the winners of the games. So, you can use the app without any kind of hesitation. All the players are real and you can chat with them.

It is also available in the Play Store where you can check out the reviews of those users who have experienced the game. It is the best time for you to start the game and win cash prizes right now.

Here is a detailed article on earning apps for Android so you can also read that article. You can also download and use those apps to make money.

How to Download and Install Ludo Ninja Apk Old Version?

Now, you come to the main point. I hope you guys have made your mind to make some real money. So, download the app and install that on your phones to do that so.

You can also find the app in the Play Store. However, you cannot use or download the app if you are living out of the country. But you can download the Apk from this page while you will not get the app in the Play Store out of the country.


I am hopeful that you will love to play this game and make some money. As you know that most of us have financial issues across the country. So, you can download Ludo Ninja Apk Old Version and make some real cash. Here below is the download link for the interested users.

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