Ludo Supreme Gold Apk Download For Android [2022]

There are many variants of Ludo Board Game are available to play. Which do offer different features with different options to make gameplay more interesting. This time we brought this new gaming app called Ludo Supreme Gold which is an also board game.

The speciality about this Play & Earn game, it gives gamer different points. Later which can be converted into money. Means if you are successful to earn thousands of points than you can convert those points into cash. A gamer can earn these points participating inside the gameplay.

Different rules and regulations are needed to be followed carefully. Or else the gamer will eliminate or kick out of the gameplay automatically. Inside the article, we gonna discuss about each detail including rules and limitations. Which might be imposed over a gamer.

Thus you may find different board games out there. Which are also quite interesting and fascinating in terms of playing. But the problem with such board games is time-consuming. Means the gamer will only waste their time and career playing.

Playing Ludo Supreme Game will not only offer enjoyment inside the gameplay. But it also allows earning thousands of rupees for free with enjoyment. This is first and only of its kind which offers both enjoyment and money.

So you believe your mind is sharp enough to build a strategy in less time. And can easily beat an opponent without thinking or doing any extra effort. Then we recommend such users to download and install the updated version of gameplay from our website.

What is Ludo Supreme Gold Apk

It is a board category game developed by Ludo Supreme Team. Focusing particularly those android mobile users who love play board games. Installing the updated version of the gameplay will not only bring enjoyment for android users but also brought a chance to earn real cash.

To play this game there are certain rules which a user must know about it. First, the player 4 tokens will be placed in the start position initially. For suppose if someone cuts any token of opponent player than their token will automatically reach the start point.

Only the player who is successful to get the highest points will be considered the winner. If the token moves one box further than he/she will get one point means 1 box equals to one point. Hence the gamer is successful to reach his/her token to home than the earned points will be double.

Details of APK

NameLudo Supreme Gold
Size34.9 MB
DeveloperLudo Supreme Team
Package NameTeamin.ludo.supremegold
Required Android4.4 and Plus
CategoryGames Board

The rest of the positions will be declared using the same strategy counting the total number of points. The minimum time to move the token is 15 seconds and more than 3 skips will automatically eliminate the player out of the gameplay.

If any player is successful to struck tokens inside one box then no has the power to cut those tokens. Every player will get an equal number of moves. And a player will get extra changes if he/she is successful to get six on a scroll, when the token reaches a home or cut the opponent token.

Key Features of The Game

  • The gameplay is free to download and very easy to play.
  • Mobile users can play the game with their friends and family members.
  • To move the token the gamer needs to scroll the device.
  • This is the most loved and play board.
  • A mind gaming play where the gamer needs to build different strategies.
  • First board gameplay through which the player can earn money.
  • Any Indian payment system will support for cash transfer.
  • Even different players from worldwide participate inside the game.
  • 2 or 4 players can play at once.

Screenshots of The App

How to Download the App

Hence the android users can download the updated version of the game from Google Play Store. But due to certain reason, the gameplay no more reachable there.

Considering the user demand we provide the latest version of Ludo Supreme Gold Game on our website. Just click on the download link button and your downloading will start automatically.

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Till now different type of board games are developed and reachable to play. Considering the user comfort and security this is the game developers ever structured in history. To download the latest version please click on download link button enjoy the gameplay.

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