Mini Joy Apk Download For Android [Latest 2022]

We all love to play games but very few of the people know that they can actually earn from it. Yes, you heard it right that you have a platform where you can play and win cash prizes. Such platform is offered to by this amazing App known as “Mini Joy Apk”.

What is Mini Joy

Here you can enjoy tons of arcade, RPG and many more built-in gaming applications. You don’t need to download any gaming software separately because they are already available within this one application that I have shared here.

There you are not the only one player who is having fun and earning a lot of cash but there are millions of people.

It is specially designed for the Android users of India. Because you must need an Indian Mobile number to verify your account. otherwise other than Indian users are not going to have this opportunity.

However, no one is sure whether in future it will be available for other countries or not. But we can hope for the best as such applications can help a lot to provide a livelihood to unemployed people.

This Play & Earn gaming platform is developed and offered by MiniJoy Tech Private Limited for Android smartphones and tablets.

Here you can either play solo or in multiplayer mode where you can call out your friends to join you. Further, you will be invited to participate in the major online gaming events within this platform.

So, the winners can get huge cash prizes. There are no charges and subscription needed to start your journey over this App. However, you will have to create an account with your Google ID or Facebook ID.

But as I said earlier that you just need to have an Indian mobile number to play and participate. Otherwise, it will give access to the app but you cannot play or participate in the events without mobile verification.

Details of APK

NameMini Joy
Size24.2 MB
DeveloperMiniJoy Technology co. LTD
Required Android4.2 and Up
CategoryApps Entertainment

How many Games are in Mini Joy?

If you are curious to know about how many gaming options you are going to have in the Mini Joy Apk then here is the answer for you.

There are almost 20 options you have which includes Pool, Never Stop, Cube Craze, weird Jumping, Hoops, Blocks and many more. Here you can also join the events to get more amazing prizes and you can do that without any investment.

There is an option for those who are joining the application for the first time. Because when you are new to something then it makes it difficult to start.

Therefore, you have a training option where you can be guided on initial stages. When you will improve you perforce gradually then you will have a chance to go for bigger events and challenges.

How to Play Games

It is quite simple to play, but to stay successful in every match needs you to do a lot of hard work.

If you don’t give your proper attention then why would someone pay you? Therefore, you must keep the focus on your performance and try to enhance it every day. However, there are various kinds of mode in which you can enjoy your gaming.

Training Mode

This is the initial stage for those who have joined the App for the first time. Here you can play the games when you are offline and you think that you are not yet ready to compete with real players online.

But you will need training cards to initiate your journey with training mode. So, for one card you can have one round and when you lose then you also lose that one card.

However, you don’t need to worry about the cards because you are going to get two training cards every day. But after the competition of a hundred rounds, you will not be going to get rewards. Basically, you can get coins and other prizes in reward.

Contest Mode

In the contest mode, you are going to have competition with the real players from all over the country. So, get ready to beat and win more and more cash prizes.

It is really very enjoyable to have a game with genuine players. When you join the contest then you will be matched to another player randomly by the Application.

You can make friends and also compete with them by sending contest invitations. But to participate in this mode you need to pay joy. Joy is the virtual coin of the game which you can also call a coin.

However, you can get free JOY coins weekly, when you get login into your account every day. However, you don’t need to worry about that because when you join contest then you get double JOYS or even more than that.

How to Earn Money with Mini Joy Apk?

I have already provided you with the basic information about the Application that you are going to download from here. Mini Joy Apk is a real and it pays you with 100% guarantee.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about its withdrawals so just focus on your gaming. Now I will tell in details how you can earn from here.

I have told you about the Joy that it is a basic resource in the App. This virtual coin is your basic asset which you can redeem with real cash. It means that when you have more and more coins then you have a bigger chance to get huge cash.

1000 JOYs can be redeemed with 1 Indian rupee. So, you can now imagine how much you can earn from here. Because earning coins on this Application is very simple there are a lot of ways to earn.

Creating an Account

First, you can get 500 coins when you create an account for the first time. Then you get 200 more after the completion of your whole profile. Furthermore, on each day you get rewards for the login in the shape of JOYs.

Watch Videos

You can also watch Videos to earn more resources and prizes that you can redeem with real money.

Invite Friends

When you invite your friends and they join on your invitation then you can get up to 10 Indian rupees. That is how you can earn thousands of cash prizes from here.

Play Contest

The best way that I can recommend you to earn is to play as much as you can and win coins then convert them into real money.

ScreenShots of The App

ScreenShot of Mini Joy Apk
ScreenShot of Mini Joy App
ScreenShot of Mini Joy
ScreenShot of Mini Joy for Android

How to Withdraw Money From the App?   

When your amount will exceed the limit for withdrawal then you will get your payments through Paytm cash. But you need to register your Paytm account details on the app. Furthermore, you must register with legal and genuine information on the app.

There is a wallet option in your profile so click on it and check your amount and withdraw from there. When the money will be transferred to your account then you will get a notification on the Application.

Furthermore, if you have registered your Paytm account then you must do KYC.

You can also check out on your Paytm mobile App for the amount that you received.

If you don’t have installed the Paytm Apk then please click on that hyperlinked word and download the Apk file and install it on your phones.

Or you can also use the Search button available at the top right corner of the website to search for it.


So, this was a review of an Android application that gives you a platform to play games and earn real cash. There are so many such apps available in the market but there is not like this one which is offering such convenient features.

If you are interested in Download the latest version of Mini Joy Apk for Android, then please click on below download button.

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